Kathryn Cook

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Chicago, IL
Michigan State University
Movies, Reality Television, Celebrities, Bravo
  • Kathryn has been writing professionally since 2013.
  • She's previously written for multiple other outlets including Rant Media, Wetpaint, and The Inquisitr.
  • One of Kathryn's articles featuring Demi Lovato was featured on Lovato's documentary "Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil."


Kathryn has worked as a professional writer for over 8 years. She started at Rant Media as one of their first freelancers, writing for Rant Chic, Rant Pets, and helping manage their social media accounts. After Rant, she moved to WetPaint and then The Inquisitr, where she covered celebrity gossip extensively. Kathryn is well-seasoned in celebrity news and has plenty of experience covering breaking stories. She hopes to write a children's book one day.


Kathryn has a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Michigan State University. In a recent study, Michigan State's College of Communications was ranked #14 in the nation.
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