The Truth About Dawn And Cher From sMothered

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TLC's "sMothered" gives a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of mother-daughter duos who "take their bonds to the extreme," per IMDb.  Dawn and Cher Hubsher are a mother-daughter combo that not only look alike, but may look familiar to reality show fans after their appearances on "My Super Sweet 16" and on MTV's "Exiled" (via A Bond That Lasts Forever). The pair have a unique connection that dates back to Cher's infancy.

On an episode of "sMothered," Dawn admitted that she confided in her daughter even at a very young age. "Maybe that's why I named her Cher, to share my intimate things with her!" Dawn said (via AMNY). Dawn would dress baby Cher in outfits that matched her own, and the two continued the trend into Cher's adulthood. "I would always want to dress like my mom," Cher told AMNY in June 2019.

The physical similarities and matching wardrobes led to an embarrassing moment. "One time, me and my mother were wearing the same colored outfit," Cher told the Daily Mail in August 2020. "My husband went up to my mother and smacked her on the butt thinking that it was me," she added. The reality star revealed that at one point she grew tired of their lookalike style. "I used to want my mother to look like a typical mom but as I got older, I started to appreciate what we had," Cher said.

Keep reading to find out why the two believe they have a psychic bond.

The two had a rocky period

Dawn and Cher Hubsher shared insight into their tight-knit bond along and mother-daughter tips in their book "A Bond That Lasts Forever: A Mother Daughter Guide To A Happy Healthy Relationship" which was released in June 2019. In the book, the duo revealed that they believe they share a psychic connection. Dawn referenced two occasions — one when Cher was only a baby — that her daughter sensed Dawn would get into a car accident, per the New York Post. In the book, the pair also admitted they both tried smoking cigarettes for the first time together when Cher was 14-years-old. "If I'm going to smoke, I'm going to look cool, like the Fonz, when I do it," Dawn said at the time after she put on a leather jacket.

Although the Hubshers had been close since Cher's infancy, the two wanted "A Bond That Lasts Forever" to serve as a guide for other mother-daughter combos to realize they could bond at any point. "She always wanted to spend quality time with me," Cher told Tinseltown Mom in July 2019. "Instead of going to lunch or shopping with her girlfriends, she loved doing those things with me." Cher admitted that the duo had their own rocky times which strengthened their relationship. "Of course we had our ups and downs like any mother and daughter relationship and we got in our fair share of arguments during my teenage years," Cher said. "... The tough times that made us so much stronger."