sMothered: Who Are Karla And Rykia?

If you tune into TLC's "sMothered," you'll be excited to know that Season 3 promises to be even more shocking than the last season, with some old favorites returning and some brand new boundary-pushing coming on the scene. "If you thought you'd seen it all last season, wait until you meet our new pairs who share underwear and exchange Brazilian waxes," teases a press release.

Viewers will be introduced to one mother-daughter duos who take showers together, as well as a mother providing artificial insemination for her daughter in a same-sex marriage, according to Starcasm. There's also Dawn and Cher Hubsher, the look-alike mother-daughter duo who have appeared on other reality shows. The series press release promises "These outrageous moments add to the shocking relationships that we couldn't peel our eyes away from past seasons," but, honestly that sounds like a major understatement.

Wait, what was that about Brazilian waxes? Well, that brings us to new mother-daughter duo Karla and Rykia. Keep reading for more details.

Karla and Rykia are already controversial with fans

TLC's "sMothered" gave us plenty of closer than close mother-daughter duos, but viewers are in for a real shock this season with Karla and Rykia. These two are not shy about how close they are, and, as seen in the trailer, reportedly give each other Brazilian waxes. Rykia is comfortable with the arrangement, saying, "My mother and I have been waxing each other for quite some time now."

Karla didn't seem to think anything was weird about the way they bonded. "She's the first person I see when I wake up and the person I see when I lay down," she said. Karla is also mom to son Rasheed who is reportedly so embarrassed over his mom that he hasn't yet introduced her to his girlfriend. Can you blame him?

Critics were quick to take TLC to task when they dropped a teaser clip on Instagram on May 24. One wrote, "These mothers need to get a life." Another chimed in, "I don't see how moms can be like that.. I feel like it's all an act just because the cameras are there." Regardless of the feedback, we can't wait to watch what happens this season!