Katie Thurston Sends Plea To Fans Ahead Of Bachelorette Debut

Katie Thurston made a name for herself on Matt James' "The Bachelor" season for being level-headed and authentically looking for love. These are all good qualities for a Bachelorette, as well, and ahead of her season premiere on June 7, Katie is already asking fans to keep things civilized. She posted a pic of herself as The Bachelorette on Instagram and reflected in the caption that she was feeling "protective" of her contestants. "I remember being on their side of this journey. Being in the public eye for the first time. Reading what people thought. Please remember to stay kind in this. You'll only get to see a glimpse of how extraordinary they really are. I can't wait for you to meet them!" 

She added, "You all are about to meet an incredible group of men with fascinating stories to tell. The vulnerability and strength these men show throughout our time together is something I'll cherish forever. They each hold a special place in my heart." That's a lot of love for her group of guys, which means it could really be a great season.  

Katie is taking charge of her season

Katie Thurston's message to her fans is apt, as Bachelor Nation can get a little rough on contestants that they don't like. For example, when Chris Harrison stepped away from the show temporarily after photos of contestant  Rachel Kirkconnell dressed up in antebellum attire at an "Old South"-themed college party in 2018 surfaced, fans turned not on producers, but on Rachel Lindsay, who had spoken out about racism in Bachelor Nation. 

Things got so bad, ABC had to release a statement defending her, "We would like to make it perfectly clear that any harassment directed towards Rachel Lindsay in the aftermath of her interview with Chris Harrison is completely inexcusable." 

The statement continued, "Rachel has received an unimaginable amount of hate and has been subjected to severe online bullying, which, more often that not, has been rooted in racism. That is totally unacceptable. Rachel has been an incredible advocate for our cast, and we are grateful that she has worked tirelessly towards racial equality and inclusion." 

So it's smart of Katie to get ahead of things and ask her legions of fans to remember that these people are just that — people putting themselves out there for public consumption. And with Katie leading the charge this season, it sounds like everyone will get a good edit.