Is Rachael Kirkconnell Ready To Move To New York City?

Is Rachael Kirkconnell planning on moving to New York City to be with Matt James? The reality stars have decided to give their romance another go after a brief split following their time on "The Bachelor." Although they haven't had the easiest time, things seem to be in a really good place these days, especially if you believe what Matt said during an appearance on the May 25 episode of The Pomp podcast. It all came down to an ultimatum. 

"It was honestly a commitment that we had made to each other that we were going to work on the relationship...It was just a come to Jesus meeting that I had with Rachael where she's like, 'If you're gonna make this work, then let's do it, but if you're not gonna make it work then I'm gonna let you do your own thing.' And that's really all I needed," Matt shared, adding "it was the ultimatum that I needed and it's been great."

Matt and Rachael have been spending a lot of time together, traveling all over the country, and just really getting to know each other without the cameras rolling. The big question on everyone's mind, however, is whether or not Rachael will leave her home state of Georgia for Matt's home state of New York. Keep reading to find out more.

Rachael Kirkconnell isn't 100 percent sure she's moving, according to a source

Rachael Kirkconnell has spent a ton of time in New York City over the past couple of months. Whether she's hanging out with Matt James or she's going out for dinner and drinks with her gal pals from "The Bachelor," Rachael seems to be loving her time in Manhattan. So, is she ready to move there? Maybe. A source told Us Weekly that Rachael has been considering a move to the city so that she can be closer to Matt and to her friends, many of whom "aren't...from 'The Bachelor.'"

The source told Us Weekly that Rachael "hasn't made an official decision" about moving, but it sounds like she's leaning in that direction! "Georgia is home to her, that's where her family lives, so she'll be spending time going back and forth," the source shared. Interestingly, Matt and Rachael haven't made their relationship Instagram official yet, so perhaps that will be the first step ahead of Rachael's relocation!