The Real Reason Sutton Stracke Is Apologizing To Crystal Kung Minkoff

It looks like Sutton Stracke is righting her wrongs following her eyebrow-raising quarrel with costar Crystal Kung Minkoff on the May 26 episode of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." For those who have yet to catch up on the latest drama, (*spoiler alert*) the ladies went at it when Crystal tried to have civil discourse about racial stereotypes, but Sutton wouldn't allow the conversation to go on, stating: "Y'all, there are stereotypes about every — I am sorry, I am not doing this, I am gonna tell you right now." However, by not entertaining the hot button topic, Sutton seemed to have ruffled a couple of feathers. 

"Big massive yikes for Sutton Stracke this episode [neaseated emoji] I feel like this is the demise of her this season," one person tweeted after the episode. "All Sutton had to do was suck up her white tears and guilt and listen to Crystal's point of view as an Asian woman. But no, she insisted on talking over her and tried to equate her struggles to those of an actual oppressed community. These white women never fail," another person added

After being slammed for her remarks on social media, Sutton took to Twitter to apologize to her costar. Keep scrolling to see what she said. 

Sutton admits she was 'disrespectful' towards Crystal

Following Sutton Stracke's cringey behavior towards Crystal Kung Minkoff on Season 11, Episode 2, of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," the reality star took to Twitter to issue an apology on May 27. "Despite Crystal and my strained relationship at the time, it was disrespectful to interrupt her and not listen to her express her truth," Sutton's statement began. "My life is blessed by the diversity of my relationships and I am committed to becoming a better listener to understand the painful realities experienced by people of color. I am sorry. I will do better and be better."

Although Crystal has yet to publicly respond to Sutton's apology, some fans seem to have forgiven her for her remarks. "You made a mistake and you've learned from it and apologized. That's all we can ask for [raised hands emoji]," one person replied. "It takes a big person to admit they were wrong. Good job, Sutton," another wrote. Hopefully, Sutton and Crystal can put the past behind them.