Family Karma: Who Is Monica Vaswani's Boyfriend, Rish Karam?

Season 2 of Bravo's hit series "Family Karma" premieres on June 2, and this season promises to be even more outrageous than the last. Season 1 gave viewers an inside look at nine Indian American friends balancing their personal and professional lives in Miami while navigating the demands of their traditional parents. 

Monica Vaswani made quite the impression as cameras documented her on-and-off relationship with her childhood sweetheart, Brian Benni. Per Bravo, the two realized they were better off as friends, and Monica even served as his wing woman. Now that's what friends are for! As for her love life, Monica is committed to finding a partner to practice traditional Indian customs with. She told BollySpice in March 2020 that her soulmate has to "watch Bollywood movies with me." Sounds like her future partner has their work cut out for them!

Since the start of the show, Monica has struck up a new relationship with Rish Karam, someone else with whom she goes way back. Keep reading for more details on who he really is.

Monica Vaswani's boyfriend, Rish Karam, is a business owner

Rish Karam isn't just another reality star; he's also the owner of Moksha, a luxe Indian restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, according to his Instagram bio. He's also a Pandora franchisee, so it's clear he enjoys the sparkly things in life.

In a "Family Karma" clip Rish shared teasing the upcoming season, we can see him kissing Monica's hand while cameras cut to Monica's dad saying, "Put a ring on it." Monica then says, "What is happening?" It's clear sparks are flying between the pair, but Monica seems to want to take things slow. In fact, she and Rish live separately, according to Bravo.

Although Rish doesn't share a ton of photos of Monica on social media, it's clear these two only have eyes for each other. It seems like every time Rish posts a photo of himself, Monica is one of the first to comment. Even a simple photo of him in front of palm trees earned a "Swoon" with pink hearts from his new flame. Monica also wrote, "The most handsomest" under one of Rish's moody snapshots and also added the red heart smiley face emoji, so you know their love is as real as it gets. We can't wait to see how their relationship develops this season!