This Is The HGTV Show People Think Is The Fakest

Admit it; you binge-watched HGTV during the pandemic. Even viewers who didn't watch before COVID-19 became obsessed with the home-improvement reality channel during the lockdown. But which HGTV show do people think is the fakest?

There are so many spin-offs of "House Hunters" that we lost track. In 2020, HGTV created a "House Hunters" spin-off that is nothing but comedians commenting on the show. Another HGTV new series during the pandemic is "Celebrity IOU," with celebrities surprising friends and loved ones with a renovation. Don't forget "Love It Or List It;" that series has so many different versions in cities across the country. Erin and Ben Napier of "Home Town" are the new kids on the HGTV block, but they are getting almost as famous as Joanna and Chip Gaines. And what about the "Property Brothers?" Twin brothers Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott built a gazillion-dollar franchise on HGTV. The brothers created many different products and brands just from one series! And the mother-daughter duo of Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak have made "Good Bones" a fan favorite on HGTV.

In a 2021 survey, Nicki Swift asked readers, "Which HGTV show seems the fakest?" Keep scrolling to find out the results of the survey.

'Love It Or List It' was named the 'fakest' HGTV show

According to Nicki Swift's 2021 survey, 20.70% of readers picked "Love It Or List It" as the HGTV show people think is the fakest. "Love it or List it" stars David Visentin and Hilary Farr bicker and compete to see if a homeowner will love their home or list it. 

HGTV's second fakest show was "Celebrity IOU," getting 19.92% of the votes. We were shocked — really shocked — that readers picked this show over "House Hunters." But everybody's favorite house-hunting show received 19.53% of the votes, making "House Hunters" the third fakest show on HGTV. "Property Brothers," meanwhile, was picked by 13.67% of readers, with the dynamic mom-daughter duo on "Good Bones" getting 8.20% of the vote for HGTV's fakest show. Finally, at the bottom of the HGTV show list, the series people think is the least fake is "Home Town." We're not going to lie; we were happy to learn that people don't think Erin and Ben Napier are faking it. The couple from Laurel, Mississippi seems sweet and down-to-earth; people who don't like Erin and Ben don't like kittens or rainbows.

Readers have spoken: "Love It Or List It" is the HGTV show people think is the fakest. To be fair, David Visentin and Hilary Farr probably couldn't despise each other that much and still work together. What do you think?