Inside Prince William's Latest Fears About Prince Harry

Prince William and Prince Harry have been at odds for more than a year, and the rift between the two brothers only seems to be growing. Harry has been on an interview tour of sorts, and whenever he speaks about his childhood or his life in the U.K., he tends to say something that could be offensive or hurtful to his family. From Harry and Meghan Markle's sit-down with Oprah Winfrey that aired on national television on March 7, to his appearance on Dax Shepard's "Armchair Expert" podcast, and now, his docu-series titled "The Me You Can't See," the Duke of Sussex has made some claims that have not shed a positive light on the royal family.

On May 28, a 95-minute episode of "The Me You Can't See" featured Harry talking about his family once more. In discussing his wife's struggle with her own mental health, Harry seemed to address his claim that his family would not listen when he told them that Meghan needed help. "As parents, as siblings, certainly from what I've learned, there's an element of shame we feel because we're like, 'How could we not have seen it?' But we all know when people are suffering and people are struggling that we're all incredibly good at covering it up," Harry said, according to the Daily Mail.

Shortly thereafter, a source told the outlet about William's latest fears when it comes to his brother. Keep reading to find out more.

Prince William is reportedly 'greatly concerned'

Prince William — and his family — are reportedly more concerned than fearful over what Prince Harry might say next, according to the Daily Mail. "A friend told The Mail on Sunday that William was disappointed and 'greatly concerned' after Prince Harry's latest fusillade about the perceived lack of support for his wife Meghan [Markle] when she was struggling with her mental health," the outlet reports. 

William has yet to address his brother's various interviews in any formal manner. The palace previously released a statement, just after Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which it was revealed that things would be "addressed by the family privately," according to CBS News. The only time that William contradicted his brother — or answered a question about Harry's claims — was back on March 11 when he was in Stratford visiting a school. At the time, the Duke of Cambridge was asked by a reporter, "Is the Royal Family a racist family, sir?" after Harry and Meghan told Oprah that there was concern over their baby's skin tone from within the Firm, according to BBC News. William's answer was very straight forward. "We're very much not a racist family," he responded. He has not said anything about Harry since.

Prince William and Prince Harry's relationship started going downhill last year

When did Prince William and Prince Harry's relationship go sour, however? It all went down last year, according to royal expert Robert Jobson. Speaking with Us Weekly, Jobson said the two never really argued with each other. "It used to be quite a straightforward thing, right, because they weren't arguing and life was simple," he explained.

And so, it was not until recently that things fell apart for the world to see. "And then it just slowly descended into something that was difficult — personally and publicly — really over the past year and a half." Still, Jobson thinks the two are still on speaking terms, and there could be room for reconciliation down the line. In fact, Jobson believes Prince Philip's funeral could have been the catalyst that ultimately brings these two brothers back together.

"I do think they did actually talk, and if there was a rebuilding of their relationship — well, it was a baby step, and that's fine," Jobson continued. "Ultimately, Harry was only there to pay his last respects to his grandfather, who was a great man, and whether or not there was a rebuilding between William and Harry ... that's going to show over time."

Prince William thinks their relationship will 'heal over time'

During his revealing Oprah Winfrey interview in March, Prince Harry discussed where he and William stand today. "The relationship is 'space' at the moment," he said. "I love William to bits. We've been through hell together and we have a shared experience, but we are on different paths." However, his older brother sounds a little more hopeful about the future of their relationship.

According to The Sunday Times reports, William is still upset with Harry ... but he canoot help but miss him. "Once he got over the anger of how things happened, he was left with the absence of his brother," a source told The Times. "They shared everything about their lives, an office, a foundation, meetings together most days and there was a lot of fun along the way. He'll miss it forever."

Meanwhile, another source revealed that, despite all the drama, William is "absolutely intent that he and Harry's relationship will heal in time." We can only hope that these two brothers will find common ground so they can stand united once again.