Ed Sheeran Reveals What His Daughter Really Thinks Of His Music

Ed Sheeran may have millions of fans across the world, but unfortunately for the British crooner, his only daughter isn't one of them. 

Sheeran announced the birth of his first child with wife and childhood sweetheart Cherry Seaborn on Instagram back in September 2020. The singer provided the little life update after an almost nine-month hiatus from the social media platform, as he had planned "to take a breather" after his successful "Divide" world tour. "Last week, with the help of an amazing delivery team, Cherry gave birth to our beautiful and healthy daughter — Lyra Antarctica Seaborn Sheeran. We are completely in love with her. Both mum and baby are doing amazing and we are on cloud nine over here," Sheeran shared. The pair was able to keep their pregnancy under wraps as they escaped London for their country home in Suffolk during the UK's coronavirus lockdown, per The Sun.

While the doting dad has yet to share any pictures of Lyra to social media, he was spotted taking her out for a beachside walk with his wife during a trip to Australia in March. However, the two kept their daughter away from the public eye by safely covering her stroller with a blanket, per the Daily Mail. Despite fans having little information on Sheeran's daughter, like whether she shares the same adorable red hair as her dad — c'mon, Ed, we all want to know — the "Perfect" singer did disclose Lyra's early music preferences. But did any of his songs make the cut?

Ed Sheeran says his daughter 'cries' whenever he sings

While some kids go red-faced and hide when their dad whips out the guitar and belts out a few tunes, British superstar Ed Sheeran revealed his daughter "cries" (although, to be fair, she is just 8 months old). Sheeran told BBC Radio 1 that he often practices his performances in front of his young daughter Lyra, per 9 Honey. "I definitely spent hours and hours in front of the mirror pretending to be essentially what I am now. Practice makes perfect innit," Sheeran began, before admitting she's not a "fan" of his previews. "Now I'll sing [my new songs] to my daughter who's not my biggest fan. She just cries!" he joked.

But Sheeran acknowledged Lyra does not hate all of his music — in fact, she likes one of his most popular, upbeat tunes. "She really likes 'Shape Of You,' the marimba sound is good but she doesn't like anything loud or anything belty," he said. Lyra's favorite song, "Shape of You," has almost 3 billion streams on Spotify. And it seems like Sheeran might be pulling out more huge hits soon after the star seemingly teased new music on Instagram.

On May 17, the 30-year-old posted a picture of him holding a guitar and cryptically wrote: "Somethings cookin'," which put fans in a tizzy. While it's unclear whether a new album will be released soon, one thing's for sure — Sheeran will be trying hard to win over his harshest critic, his daughter.