Who Is TikTok Star, Brittany Broski?

TikTok has given many people a space to express themselves, to be creative, and to show the world that they can be stars, too. The creativity of TikTokers spreads through a broad spectrum, which is precisely why we never get bored of their content and always have something new to look forward to. They continually offer so many trends to remember. This is why TikTok videos are taking over Instagram and YouTube, too. They are everywhere, and we can't stop looking at them!

Several celebrities came out of TikTok. Some people go viral because of their skills. Others start a really cool trend that becomes so popular, even the celebrities start doing it. Out of these TikTok stars, there's one that actually took the internet by storm — someone who probably had no idea that they would go viral and inspire so many influencers. Remember the 2019 TikTok video, which showed a girl trying kombucha for the first time? The video went viral because she displayed a wide range of emotions and we found ourselves charmed by her presentation. Well, guess what? The internet made her a star overnight!

Yes, we are talking about the famous Brittany Broski. So who exactly is she? What does she do, and how's she using her popularity now? If you remember the viral video and ever wanted to know more about Broski, then here's your chance — read on to learn more!

Brittany Broski's now a successful YouTuber

Brittany Broski is from Dallas, Texas. She rose to fame in 2019 when she was tasting cherry-flavored kombucha for the first time. The video gained her a lot of fans and followers. However, before we get into some brief details of her life, let's get to know a bit more about her to understand her background and journey to fame after her TikTok video went viral.

According to TikTok Magazine, Broski was born on May 10, 1997. The Taurus social media influencer is now a comedian, but she emerges from a theatre background — no wonder her expressions in the viral TikTok video were so on point! Broski has been known to act in local productions before and worked in a call center when her video went viral. According to TikTok Magazine, her boss fired her, as they believed the video's popularity would harm the company.

So, what's Broski up to now? Well, many things! She has a YouTube channel where she regularly posts videos about her life. The hilarious comedian is quite famous on YouTube and has amassed a large number of followers. She's popular on Instagram, too. After finding fame, Broski has been busy with her career, posting content regularly to ensure that her fans stay entertained. Now, that's some way for talent to sparkle!