Fans Agree This Royal Family Member Has The Best Style By Far

Tiaras, pearls, and ballgowns — the women of the British royal family have a reputation for some of the most ostentatious fashions in global history. Some of them stirred much controversy for the edge (or relative royal edge) they pushed, like Princess Margaret appearing bare-shouldered in her 29th birthday portrait (taken by ex-husband Antony Armstrong-Jones), per Town & Country, or Princess Diana donning her 1994 "revenge dress," per Reader's Digest, worn to an event immediately after Prince Charles revealed his infidelity during their marriage. 

Others simply took the collective globe's breath away with the attention to detail in every finely sewn jewel and seam, such as Queen Elizabeth II's 1947 wedding gown. As Town & Country reported, the queen's expensive dress — boasting "silk from China... [a] 15-foot train... [and] delicate floral designs including 'jasmine, smilax, seringa, and rose-like blossoms' — packed an interesting backstory. Due to England's scarcity of resources two years after WWII ended, the queen herself saved rationing coupons just to pay for the dress and unfortunately had to decline fans' gifted coupons. It all worked out on wedding day, as bridesmaid Lady Pamela Hicks told People in 2020, "With her bridal dress and tiara on her wedding day, she was a knockout." 

While there's certainly no shortage of iconic royal fashion moments, our readers said one royal reigned supreme. Let's take a look at what 637 Americans surveyed by Nicki Swift said was the royal with the best style.

Kate Middleton defines "chic mom," according to survey

When reviewing Nicki Swift's survey results asking 637 readers which British royal had the best style, one inevitably wonders where the Duchess of Sussex herself, Meghan Markle, would rank had she not resigned. After all, the survey's first-place entry by a mile was her sister-in-law Kate Middleton at 53.69%. Standing out for chic and royal protocol-approved ensembles like buttoned coat dresses and mom-on-the-go vibes polo pants, Kate has multiple style blogs devoted to documenting her outfits, like KateMiddletonStyle.Org

A distant second was none other than Queen Elizabeth II herself at 15.70%. Known for brightly colored clothes, matching hats and signature pearl necklace, the statement-making queen once said, "I can never wear beige because nobody will know who I am" according to Robert Hardman's "Our Queen" (via The Sun). Elizabeth's granddaughter and oldest daughter to Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice, made third place with 11.15% thinking she flaunted the best royal style. Despite the criticisms over her infamous pretzel hat, Grazia even wrote an editorial titled "We're Obsessed With Princess Beatrice's Style Evolution," raving about different outfits including her 2020 wedding gown. Her younger sister, Eugenie, rang in next at 9.89%. Closing out the poll was another granddaughter to Elizabeth and daughter to Princess Anne, Zara Tindall, at 9.58%. 

With controversial outfits like this uber-chic and uber-short 2018 skirt, Meghan likely would have fit somewhere in there.