Family Karma: Who Is Amrit Kapai's Boyfriend, Nicholas Kouchoukos?

As season two of Bravo's "Family Karma" begins, fans are eager to see how Amrit Kapai's long-distance relationship with his long-term boyfriend Nicholas Kouchoukos is doing. According to CheatSheet, Amrit and Nicholas first began dating when Amrit was living in Chicago. However, Amrit's law firm asked him to open an office in his native South Florida, leading him to move back in with his parents.

But this also meant leaving his longtime lover, Nicholas. Despite the distance, the couple is committed to keeping the spark alive. "It's hard, it's long-distance," he said, per CheatSheet. "But I split my time because my main office is in Chicago. So I go back and forth. I see him a decent amount." When asked if Nicholas would consider moving to Florida, Amrit said, "I think he's waiting for me to ask the big question before he makes a permanent move. So we'll see. Time will tell."

So who exactly is Nicholas? Keep reading to find out.

Nicholas is a bilingual school teacher

Very little public information is available about Nicholas Kouchoukos. His Instagram is set to private, and with only 378 followers and 128 posts, he's not exactly trying to be a social media influencer. Upon a visit to his LinkedIn, it becomes clear why. His profile states he is a public school teacher in Chicago, so it makes sense that he would want to keep a low profile. Currently, he teaches fifth grade dual language. Prior to his stint in Chicago, Nicholas worked as a Spanish and ESL student teacher in New York City public schools while earning his Master's degree at New York University.

His Master of Arts in teaching Spanish and teaching ESL is his second Master's degree, having earned a Master of Science in accounting back in 2008. Up until 2015, when he began studying at NYU, Nicholas appeared to have worked in finance, working as a risk consultant and as an audit lead in Chicago.

Although we don't know much about Nicholas now, perhaps we'll learn more on this season of "Family Karma."