How Much Is Amrit Kapai From Family Karma Worth?

"Family Karma" debuted on one of our favorite reality TV networks, Bravo, in 2020 to great fanfare. The TV network truly does know the best formula for reality TV. Like the "Real Housewives" franchises and "Shahs of Sunset," "Family Karma" brings together friends and family, interesting personalities, and all the drama playing against the cosmopolitan backdrop of Miami. The show has all of the classic reality TV elements like low-stakes feuds, lavish events, and group trips, but the thing that sets "Family Karma" apart from the rest is that the entire cast has Indian heritage.

"Family Karma" is centered around the lives of first-generation Indian-Americans and the relationships they have with each other within the Indian community that their parents established. One of the most fascinating people on the show is Amrit Kapai, also a first-generation Indian-American who stands out from the pack because he's openly gay in the tight-knit community. "I wasn't as nervous as my parents naturally were," Amrit told TV Deets about his decision to come out on the show. "My parents ... were nervous about me sharing my personal story with viewers across the country and the possible implications that may carry." 

Aside from his relationships, the series also follows Amrit as he works as a lawyer. The reality star clearly has at least two good gigs, but what is Kapai's net worth? Read on to find out!

Amrit Kapai makes his money from "Family Karma" and being a lawyer

In addition to being a reality star, Amrit Kapai is also a successful lawyer at a Chicago-based law firm. According to ArticleBio, the attorney has an estimated net worth of $200,000. While it's not clear where that number comes from, it makes sense if Kapai's net worth is mostly from his work in law and his undisclosed salary from Bravo. Kapai also told viewers in season 1 of "Family Karma" that he was back home in Florida to help his law firm set up a Miami branch, so we assume his law firm is paying him some big bucks while he's away. His income could also be changing soon because of a startup that's in the works, according to Bravo.

While Kapai may not have the biggest bank account when compared to other Bravo stars, he does feel fulfilled by seeing Indian people and culture represented on TV. "It's such an opportunity to showcase what we're about, to showcase our culture," he told Daily Mail. "I think it's an opportunity to show people that the culture isn't as cookie-cutter as you think it is — and to dispel a lot of the stereotypes seen on TV with Indians." Along with its entertainment factor, "Family Karma" has changed the reality TV landscape for the better.