Here's The Worst Top Model Makeover Of All Time

If you've ever had the desire to enter the fashion and modeling world, there's a chance that you've seen "America's Next Top Model." Spending over a decade on air, "ANTM" gave us 24 seasons of aspiring models trying to learn the ropes of the fashion world with the help of high fashion supermodel Tyra Banks, Miss J. Alexander, and Jay Manuel. Along the way, we've seen some of the most chaotic moments in reality TV history. From model meltdowns to random fainting spells, it's a lot that goes down during the competition.

In retrospect, a lot of the things the "ANTM" contestants had to endure was quite problematic. Since the show has hit streaming networks, viewers are critical of Banks' insensitive behavior towards the contestants. After receiving backlash from social media users, Banks addressed her problematic behavior via Twitter in May 2020. "Been seeing the posts about the insensitivity of some past ANTM moments and I agree with you. Looking back, those were some really off choices. Appreciate your honest feedback and am sending so much love and virtual hugs," Banks wrote.

There's a list of moments that both new and old viewers of the show can agree went way too far, particularly during the makeover episodes. We surveyed our Nicki Swift fans to see who had the worst ANTM makeover of all time. Keep scrolling to find out whose makeover didn't have the "it" factor.

Denzel Wells' beard weave made him America's Next Top Meme

It's only right that the worst "America's Next Top Model" makeover is awarded to cycle 21 star Denzel Wells. The decision is not just because 25.78% of Swifties made the vote — Wells' beard makeover was so outrageous, that the title of the episode was named, "The Guy Who Gets a Beard Weave." Additionally, social media users have used a screengrab of his makeover as a meme. When Wells found out that he was getting a beard weave, he seemed to receive it well. "I'm happy as hell ... 'cause I can't grow a beard," he said during his confessional. "I literally can't. All I can do is grow a goatee."

Although it was the first "Top Model" beard as Tyra Banks noted, we can all agree that it takes the cake as the worst makeover in ANTM history. Banks later admitted that the beard was not the right shape for Wells' face, which resulted in a do-over. The glue lines, positioning, and hair quality was more than enough signs that the beard appeared fake. However, Wells still managed to rock it with confidence like a model should.