Britney Spears' Latest Instagram Has People Talking

Britney Spears took to Instagram on June 1, sharing a new outfit with her fans. The pop star dressed up in a neon yellow leotard paired with a furry black cropped jacket, and some knee-high white boots. She wore her hair up in a high pony tail for two of the shots, and let it down for the other four, showing off the pink highlights that she had added in a few weeks back. She had one of her favorite black choker's around her neck.

It appears as though the "Piece of Me" singer had her camera propped up in front of a white screen and set a timer for the photos to be taken while she pranced around, striking various poses. However, it wasn't the photos that fans were discussing in the comments section of the post — it was the caption that Spears wrote to accompany the pics, which tends to be the case whenever she posts on social media. Keep reading to find out what Spears wrote that has fans talking. 

Britney Spears joked about showing her butt on Instagram

In the caption of Britney Spears' latest Instagram share, the entertainer introduced fans to "yellow." Previously, she has quoted "red" and "rose" in her Instagram captions, often choosing the most dominant color and pointing it out. Sometimes she shares a photo of herself wearing that color, and other times she will share an object — such as a red refrigerator, for example. 

Also in the caption, Spears addressed the blurriness of the pics, and explained that her phone "kept moving." Next, seeming to address fans' ongoing concerns that Spears' team is posting old photos of her on social media, Spears revealed that she took the photos "yesterday," meaning May 31, and said she did so just "for fun." It was the following part of her caption that had fans cracking up, however.

"I never show my a** on Instagram and no ... I'm not wearing a thong," she wrote in the Instagram caption, adding "Oh well ... here's my a** ladies and gents! Enjoy." In two of the shots shared, Spears turns her backside to the camera. While her rear end isn't completely visible, her leotard did give fans a little more skin than Spears usually shares. She retuned to Instagram about an hour later to share a video of herself dancing to Prince in the same outfit. "As @JuliaRoberts says in 'Pretty Woman' ... don't you just love @Prince?!" Spears captioned the fun video.