The Tattoo That Blake Shelton Regrets The Most

Most of us try to live life with no regrets, but it's more than likely that over the years, you'll collect a few. Whether they be a bad haircut, an outdated wedding dress, or cringy prom photos, we've all got 'em. For country music star Blake Shelton, those regrets happen to come in the form of his tattoos.

Of course, Blake Shelton may have some other regrets, aside from his ink. He went through a very public divorce replete with cheating rumors and breakup albums. Some quick background: Shelton was married to Miranda Lambert when he abruptly filed for divorce and almost as quickly got together with his "The Voice" co-star, Gwen Stefani.

Relationship history aside, there's little in his past that mortifies Shelton more than the forearm tattoo inspired by his favorite hobby. Read on to find out all about the offending ink, what inspired it, and how Shelton has dealt with the embarrassment over the years.

Blake Shelton's tattoo was meant to look like something else

If you were to ask Blake Shelton about his embarrassing tattoo, he'd tell you, "it doesn't mean crap," which is what he told Oprah in 2013, anyway. The tattoo in question was meant to pay homage to Shelton's favorite hobby: deer hunting. Shelton's left forearm is covered in deer tracks, surrounded by barbed wire.

The only problem? They don't look like deer tracks. They look like cute little ladybugs. "To this moment, people still come up to me and say, 'Man, ladybugs ... that's cool. What does that mean to you?'" Shelton explained to GAC TV (via The Boot). "I probably have the crappiest tattoo — not only in country music — but maybe the world."

To be fair, there are probably worse tattoos, but you don't want a bunch of cutesy ladybugs on your arm when you're trying to convey your love of bowhunting. Shelton is taking it all in stride, though; it even became something of a joke between himself and those closest to him. Gwen Stefani's sons poked fun at their soon-to-be stepdad by copying the tattoo in permanent marker on their arms in 2017. It was all very cute.