Inside Kylie Jenner's Brand New Business Venture

Kim Kardashian has previously slammed at least one sister for not knowing "what it's like to have work to do" (that would be Kourtney), but she can't say anything about her younger sister Kylie Jenner, who just never stops working. The mom and makeup mogul was declared by Forbes in 2019 to be the youngest ever "self-made" billionaire at 21 years old, and put her net worth somewhere around $1 billion. They later took away the title, per the outlet, noting that some of her profits were embellished, but later crowned her with the achievement in 2020. That's no small feat, and now that she's conquered the lip kit game, the Kylie Cosmetics owner is starting a new business venture, though it comes as no surprise. 

Everyone has known that Kylie has had some other business ideas for her brand for some time, given that she had previously filed to trademark Kylie Hair and Kylie Body in 2019, per Forbes, and then filed a trademark for Kylie Swim in 2021. She's also previously registered for Kylie Con, Kylie Museum, and a total of 130 other trademarks in the name of expanding her lifestyle brand, according to the site. So which one of the trademarks has she turned into a full-fledged business now? Read on to find out. 

Kylie is building her empire

Kylie Jenner posted an Instagram picture of her daughter Stormi in the bathtub and wrote, "bath time with @kyliebaby," which certainly makes it seem like she's launching a baby line soon enough. The makeup mogul already sells bath products under Kylie Cosmetics, but a line of baby friendly products would be something new. Currently, the page doesn't have any posts, so there's no launch information, but the account already has close to 500,000 followers — including Kylie herself and mom Kris Jenner — so just the announcement alone was enough to pique interest in the product line. 

When it comes to business, Kris Jenner told Harper's Bazaar in 2020 that Kylie is the mastermind behind it all. "Kylie does all of the creative stuff — she's the CEO, CMO, CCO. She's been so amazing, the way she has grown this company. I'm like the COO. I help keep everything running behind the scenes. But she had this vision when she was 15, and it's been remarkable to watch it come to life, to step back and see it evolve," she said. Kylie also told the outlet in the same profile that she had long been looking to take her Kylie Cosmetics brand international and continue to expand. With her new Kylie Baby announcement, this looks like her first big next step.