The Grey's Anatomy Cast Member Fans Want Off The Show Immediately

"Grey's Anatomy" has been on for 17 seasons, so fans are well acquainted with the characters. And they have tons of varying opinions about them, too. When a show is on that long, the characters start to really mean something to fans, and part of the beauty of "Grey's Anatomy" in particular is just how dedicated those fans are. This means that when a character is sympathetic, everyone rallies around them. On the flip side, when a character does anything even remotely bad, fans rally together to complain about them. 

There have been a ton of controversial characters on the show over the years, including Isaiah Washington's Dr. Burke, Justin Chanbers' Alex Karev, or Jessica Capshaw's Arizona Robbins, all of whom had legions of stans as much as they did haters. 

Most of the more controversial characters end up getting written off or leaving the show eventually, for one reason or another. But some longstanding characters are some of the most hated, too. With that in mind, we asked 637 Nicki Swift readers which one they wanted to leave the show most. Read on to see which "Grey's" characters are the most despised. 

Dr. Owen Hunt doesn't have many fans

According to our survey, there is one character that fans overwhelmingly want to leave the show stat: Dr. Owen Hunt, played by Kevin McKidd. There is no doubt that Owen contains multitudes — he's been around so long he's basically a fixture of the program, but his storylines are increasingly more boring and to be frank, he's kind of a jerk. This is likely why 23.39% of people want him gone. Also up there? Titular character Meredith Grey and Dr. Miranda Bailey, with 14.29% of respondents voting each of them out of the hospital. 

Jackson Avery, who left the show in 2021, had 17% of people hating on him and wanting him to leave, which means they already got what they wanted. Oddly enough, there were still some fans who wanted Derek Shepard off of the show, even though he died in Season 11. There were 19% of people who wanted April Kempner off of the show, too, though she left in Season 14. Maybe they're talking about the lingering mentions of them? Who knows. 

In any case, it's clear that the next big character death or write-off, in fans' minds, should be Owen Hunt.