Justin Bieber Accused Of Assault Twice In One Week

Justin Bieber isn't having a good week.

On Feb. 16, 2017, the "Sorry" singer was named as a suspect in an assault investigation, TMZ reported. Here's where it gets weird: the incident allegedly went down in June 2016 and is only being pursued now. The site reports that a Las Vegas man accused Bieber, 22, of punching him in Cleveland, Ohio, after a Cavaliers NBA playoff game. The victim reportedly told police that Bieber grabbed his sunglasses. When the man tried to take a picture of the singer with his shades, he alleged Bieber flipped out and went into "attack mode" and that his crew soon joined in. The brawl was partially captured on camera. The alleged victim claims he was hospitalized after the incident and suffered a concussion but waited to file a police report because he initially tried to settle with Bieber directly, according to TMZ. At the time of this writing, a police investigation has been launched, but no charges have been filed.

If only that were where Bieber's troubles ended!

TMZ also reported that Bieber has been named as a suspect in a battery case stemming from a scuffle at a Los Angeles eatery on Feb. 11, 2017, and some of that incident was reportedly caught on camera as well. In a clip obtained by the site, Bieber is playfully ribbing pal Kyle Massey at Serafina restaurant, where they attended a party for his producer, Poo Bear, when someone in the room yells for people to stop filming. A man named Dean Parker, who was recording at the time, says that after the announcement was made, a previously jovial Bieber allegedly grew angry, lunged at his camera, and head-butted him, though the alleged attack wasn't recorded. Poo Bear told Radar Online, "I'm not even sure [what happened]. I'm not even clear on it. I'm still trying to figure it out myself...I did not see it happen, but I heard that it was definitely an accident. It wasn't anything that was intentional."

Sources told Page Six there's more to the story than the alleged victim, Parker, let on. "[Bieber] was co-hosting a party for Poo Bear and a rogue party crasher kept trying to get in," a witness said. "The party crasher was causing some beef and called the cops." A spokesperson for Serafina added, "We know very little about the alleged incident...but we can assure you that nobody from our staff was involved, nor did we call the police. We always have pleasant experiences with Mr. Bieber whenever he comes to Serafina. He is usually a doll." They added that police looked at video footage from the restaurant, noting, "There was nothing that implicates Justin."

There's still more.

TMZ reported that in another unrelated case, Bieber may be in hot water for skipping out on a court deposition. Singer-songwriter White Hinterland filed a suit in May 2016 alleging Bieber and Skrillex used an unauthorized sample of one of her songs for "Sorry." Bieber and Skrillex denied the claims, but the case persists, and Bieber was reportedly slated to sit for a deposition in Los Angeles on Feb. 8, 2017. Bieber told Hinterland's attorneys that he was sick, but her lawyers claim videos and photos emerged of him partying and drinking with buddies the same day he was supposed to submit himself for questioning. The lawyers, who flew out to LA to make the depo as convenient as possible for Bieber, don't plan on penalizing him for playing hooky, but TMZ reported that they aren't thrilled—and that when they reschedule, Bieber is going to have to fly to Nashville, Tenn., where they're located, to deliver his responses.