The Real Meaning Behind 'Reckless' By Madison Beer

Madison Beer is clearly excited... to make you cry! Why is that? Well, in June, the singer released her new single "Reckless," and tweeted that among all of the songs that she's "ever made," this is her "favorite." However, she also admitted, "I hope everyone sobs on their bathroom floor like I do when I listen to it."

You'll understand why Beer feels that way when you hear the first verse. "Hey / This is a story I hate / And tellin' it might make me break / But I'll tell it anyway," she informs listeners, while also revealing that this definitely isn't a lovey-dovey type of tune. In fact, the song — which was written by One Love, Big Taste, and Kinetics along with Beer, per Genius — has a pretty clear message.  

So, what exactly is this song about? Read on to find out what Beer has to say about this intriguing tune!

This is why Madison Beer might feel 'so sorry' for you

If you pop on Madison Beer's "Reckless," you probably get the sense that she's singing about a relationship in which her significant other cheated. What else can you think when you hear lyrics like: "This chapter's about / How you said there was nobody else / Then you got up and went to her house / You guys always left me out." Uh-oh. She continues: "Somebody saw you with her last night / You gave me your word, 'Don't worry 'bout her.'" Beer then goes on to sing about the fact that "You ... / Said you'd never hurt me, but here we are / ... How could you be so reckless with my heart?"

Beer opened up about the song in a tweet, telling her followers, "I made reckless in October of 2020 after finding out my intuition is literally always right and if someone tells you not to worry about someone else but your heart tells you should... run." The singer also addressed "Reckless" in a press release (via Hybebae), saying, "People have so much power over their partner's feelings, yet many still choose to treat each other carelessly."

Others may be careless, but Beer definitely cares. That's why, in "Reckless," she ends by telling listeners, "Hey / This is a story I hate / But I told it to cope with the pain / I'm so sorry if you can relate."