Inside Niko Moon's Marriage

Country music fans are probably well-acquainted with Niko Moon, as the artist has enjoyed a pretty explosive year. Nominated at the 2021 CMT Music Awards for "Breakthrough Video of the Year," his first No. 1 single, "Good Time" in March was also the first debut single to simultaneously top Billboard's Country Airplay chart and the Hot Country Songs chart since 2014. Impressive! 

Niko's wife Anna Moon — who co-wrote the hit — is a singer-songwriter, but don't confuse her with a Kelsea Ballerini or Margo Price. Anna is no country crooner. "Duality is my motif. My voice, when I sing, is very jazz. The production is very pop. My style is a mixture of modern and old school," Anna said, per her label's website. With her visual influences being Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland, per her label, and her musical ones running the gamut from Dua Lipa to Frank Sinatra– and of course, the genre-blending icon herself, Taylor Swift — Moon clearly brings something special to the mix (literally!).

However, Nashville-based Anna is proud to be a daughter of the South. "I truly feel it's made me who I am," she added. "I grew up in a home that really valued education, and parents who always supported me ... That support and freedom really allowed me to explore music in an indulgent kind of way." 

Let's take a closer look inside Anna and Niko's marriage. 

Niko and Anna Moon turned their laundry room into a recording booth

Anna Moon didn't just co-write all five songs on husband Niko Moon's EP "Good Time," including its eponymous No. 1 single. Niko returned the collaboration in kind by co-writing Anna's debut album, set to release later in 2021. Partly why the couple make such a fluid musical collaborators is their shared love of mixing genres, per The Boot. Niko, who hails from Atlanta, Ga., is decidedly more country than Anna, but as The Boot noted, he often infuses his hometown's trademark hip-hop and R&B roots into his songs. 

Describing Anna's "jazzy pop music" as boasting "an Amy Winehouse sort of vibe," Niko is a big fan of his wife's "eclectic" taste. "She's one of the greatest songwriters I know," Niko said, per The Boot. The two even share — on top of a home studio — a laundry room-based vocal booth. "I had a guy here in town... convert one of my rooms in my house into a studio, and then next to it was a laundry room, so I had the laundry room converted into a vocal booth," Niko recalled. "We don't gotta go nowhere! We just gotta go upstairs," he said on their streamlined recording process.

The duo doesn't just write together — they vlog together, too! On Niko Moon's YouTube channel, the couple regularly shares updates from touring with fans as well as cooking recipes. Sounds like country has a budding new first couple!