Pop Smoke's Manager Confirms Another Posthumous Album Is On The Way

The late Pop Smoke's mark on the rap game is undeniable. His posthumous debut album, "Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon" was released in July 2020, four months after his death. (He was tragically killed during a home invasion, per the New York Daily News.) Shortly after the record was released, Pop Smoke's project broke a Billboard record and became the rap album with the most weeks (20) spent at No. 1 (20), surpassing established artists like Eminem, Drake, Jay-Z, and Kendrick Lamar. More recently, Pop Smoke's "Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon" even won Top Rap Album at the 2021 Billboard Awards

The album, executive-produced by 50 Cent, included features from Quavo, Future, Roddy Ricch, Lil Baby, and more. In particular, the "Got It On Me" track is a remix of 50 Cent's "Many Men" from 2003. "When I met Pop Smoke, I told him, it was time to do my records over," 50 Cent told Billboard about Pop redoing his track. Fans kept pointing out similarities between the two, and 50 agreed that the resemblance was there. "I didn't even realize his last name was Jackson," 50 Cent (real name: Curtis Jackson) told the same publication. "He even had the same bucky-a** teeth that I had before I fixed them."

So naturally, fans are now wondering if there will ever be another Pop Smoke album. According to his manager, a new posthumous project could be arriving very soon.

Pop Smoke's new album is currently 'loading'

Taking to Twitter on June 5, Pop Smoke's manager Steven Victor confirmed that fans will get a new album from the late rapper. Victor shared a list of a few upcoming projects, including Pusha T, Nigo, and Pop Smoke, all accompanied by a series of fire emojis. This isn't the first time he has hinted at a new Pop Smoke project, however.

In May, Victor revealed that a new album was in the works. "I see and hear everything," he wrote on Instagram (via REVOLT). "Kept it cool tho no worries. Pay back around the corner. Pop Smoke new album loading...". Will 50 Cent be involved this time, too? It doesn't seem likely, if his interview with interview with Kris Kaylin is anything to go by. "Steven was originally Pop's manager and the label person that he was signed to," 50 Cent told Kaylin in May.

He continued, "He talked to me about the new record, and I'm not sure if I'll participate with this, that record. I just wanted to make sure that his record did what it was supposed to." 50 Cent then alluded that he may have been some disagreements behind the scenes. "Outside of producing the record and having it perform well, I did all the promotion for that record to have it work," he said about working on Pop's debut album. "They would have put it out and you'd have to find it out of basic interest."