What We Know About Lindsey Buckingham's Split From His Wife Of Over 20 Years

Fleetwood Mac struck megastardom through their album "Rumours," which Vice called a "break-up magnum opus," as when it was recorded, multiple band members were going through purported breakups with one another. Now, it seems guitarist and singer Lindsey Buckingham is experiencing that turbulence once again.

Buckingham and his wife Kristen Messner reportedly met when she photographed him for one of his solo albums in the late '90s, according to TMZ. The couple married in 2000 and share three children. He dished about his personal life in an October 2011 interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal and it seemed he was happy to find love later in life. "I had a lot of crazy girlfriends, and a lot of that was just an outgrowth of the lifestyle we were all leading," he said. "I did see a lot of friends who were parents and spouses — back in previous decades — who weren't really there and kind of screwed up their kids, and we're not there for their family situations. So I waited and I was lucky enough to meet someone relatively late. So it's worked out really well. I got all that other garbage out of the way," he added. Well, that "garbage" lead to some of pop's most enduring music, but fair enough.

Although things appeared rosy on the outside, Buckingham and his wife are no longer together. Keep reading for more details.

Kristen Messner filed for divorce from Lindsey Buckingham

Fleetwood Mac member Lindsey Buckingham and Kristen Messner are divorcing after 21 years of marriage, according to TMZ. Messner filed the papers "in L.A. County," per the outlet, but it is not yet known if she and her ex-husband talked about the terms of the split. According to the outlet, child custody issues might not surface since all three of their children are over the age of 17.

Buckingham is focusing back on his music. He took to Twitter on June 8 to announce his self-titled album and wrote, "My new self-titled album is one I've been intending to get out for a couple of years now, but on more than one occasion, unforeseen circumstances necessitated a postponement of plans. Now that we're back in gear, I'm thrilled to finally be sharing new music with my listeners!" He also promoted "I Don't Mind," the album's first single, and mentioned his upcoming tour.

According to a press release (via Toronto Sun), Buckingham said the single "I Don't Mind" is about "the challenges couples face in long-term relationships." "Over time, two people inevitably find the need to augment their initial dynamic with one of flexibility, an acceptance of each others' flaws and a willingness to continually work on issues; it is the essence of a good long term relationship. This song celebrates that spirit and discipline."