Who Is Frankie Grande's Fiance, Hale Leon?

On June 8, 2021, Frankie Grande announced that he proposed to his boyfriend, Hale Leon, in virtual reality. The YouTube personality took to Instagram to share the news with his 2.1 million followers and attached a number of snapshots of the pair that were taken exclusively for People.

"He said YES! WE'RE ENGAGED! I am so happy my best friend said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me! Playing games and making me laugh forever!" Grande captioned his post, adding, "Speaking of games... I proposed IN VIRTUAL REALITY! HE FREAKED OUT! I can't wait to post the video... but for now enjoy these beautiful photos taken by @toddthephotographer in the iconic @people magazine. What a way to celebrate #pride."

As reported by People, Grande will be celebrating four years of sobriety on June 16. He told his fiance they were meeting up with friends to celebrate his sober anniversary early, but ended up surprising him by popping the question. "It was such a perfect, beautiful moment," Grande told the publication. "Hale was completely surprised and we both started crying tears of joy. I have been working on proposing to him in virtual reality for over a year and it was ABSOLUTELY breathtaking for us both."

With that being said, what does Hale Leon do for a living? And how long has the duo been together? Keep reading to find out.

Like Frankie Grande, Hale Leon is also an actor

Aside from being Ariana Grande's half-brother, fans will know Frankie Grande as a YouTube personality and Broadway actor. While his fiance Hale Leon doesn't seem to have taken his career down the Broadway route just yet, he is also an actor. According to his IMDb page, Leon has appeared in a number of short films — "The Gay Police," "Sweet and Sour," and "My Piano Lesson."

In his exclusive interview with People, Grande revealed that he and Leon started dating in 2019 after they met at a line dancing bar in Los Angeles. "I randomly ended up going to this bar Oil Can Harry's in the Valley and I saw Hale, he was dancing on the stage," he said, adding, "He was performing for everybody. He loves to go to Oil Can Harry's he knew all the dances, I was blown away."

Grande's family has welcomed Leon with open arms, especially his grandmother. "Nonna really loved him and paraded him around her retirement home, [showing us off] as the new hip gay couple visiting," Grande expressed. "It was so cool, I didn't know if they would be hip to that, but it was really adorable."

In April, the happy couple celebrated their two-year anniversary with a trip to Palm Springs and shared a snapshot to Instagram.