Why Falynn Guobadia Doesn't Blame Porsha Williams For Her Divorce

Falynn Guobadia has given her very first interview after divorcing Simon Guobadia... and she doesn't seem to blame his new fiancée, Porsha Williams, for breaking them up. In case you missed it, Falynn appeared on Season 13 of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," where she was introduced as a friend of Porsha's. 

In one particular scene, for example, Falynn gave Porsha, her sister Lauren, and Tanya Sam a quick tour of her home. Once the girls made it to the backyard, Falynn quickly introduced them to her then-husband, Simon. And so, after the couple officially divorced on April 22, everyone's jaws dropped when Simon and Porsha announced their new relationship (and engagement) a few weeks later. 

"I asked her to marry me because we checked ALL of each other's boxes, and then some," Simon wrote on Instagram on May 11, sharing a picture of Porsha and her ring. "We have done the individual work to sustain a healthy relationship, and I stand next to her, proud that we found each other. What we have is what we wish every single one of you out there – happiness."

Despite the suspicious timeline of events, Falynn has recently revealed that she doesn't blame Porsha for her divorce from Simon. Find out why below.

Falynn thinks 'no one has that power' over her marriage

On June 10, Falynn Guobadia exclusively sat down with "Up And Adam!" and discussed the drama. In the 40-minute interview, Falynn talked everything from why she joined "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" to her now-ex-husband, Simon Guobadia, and his new engagement to Porsha Williams. And apparently, she doesn't blame her for ending their union.

"No one has that power over my life, my husband's life, and our marriage," Falynn said. "However, Simon and I were the ones who were married to one another. We're the ones who created a family together. And a built a life with one another. I blame the both of us. He's to blame, I am to blame, and that is all." She continued, "Whatever came after that... I'm not saying it was right, I'm not even saying it was wrong."

Then, the reality star said her marriage to Simon started falling apart soon after filming "RHOA"... although she doesn't blame the show, either. "I don't think it was the show's fault or anything," she said. "But, I mean, we weren't even on there like that for the show to be the ruin of our marriage. But I don't know. It seems as though other things were going on that I don't necessarily know about, so. I'm still kind of lost on that part, I don't necessarily have the answers."