Jessa Duggar Reveals Why She'll Have A Hospital Birth For Baby No. 4

Jessa Duggar and her husband Ben Seewald are expecting their fourth child, and it appears Jessa is planning to give birth at a hospital instead of at home. Hospital births are a big departure for Jessa and the Duggar family. According to InTouch Weekly, several Duggar births started at home but the women had to be rushed to the hospital due to complications.

The outlet reported that more of the Duggar women are opting for hospital births, and it looks like Jessa is following the trend. Jessa might have decided to give birth at the hospital due to complications after giving birth to her daughter Ivy Seewald at home in 2019. Jessa and Ben's first daughter arrived ten days early and, after giving birth to Ivy at home, the situation got rather intense and scary. The "Counting On" star had to be rushed to the hospital because she began hemorrhaging. TLC, of course, captured Jessa's labor and delivery for "Counting On," including the 911 call and ambulance ride to the hospital.

Keep reading to learn why Jessa has decided she will give birth at the hospital instead of doing a home birth for baby No. 4!

Jessa Duggar Seewald will give birth in the hospital for medical reasons

Jessa Duggar announced on her YouTube channel that she will give birth in a hospital when baby No. 4 arrives. Jessa gave her 153,000 YouTube subscribers an update on her pregnancy on June 11.

During her YouTube annoucement, Jessa said, "Ben and I talked this over a lot, and we decided that we're going to do a hospital birth this time. So, that will be different. I've had three home births. Three great home births, good experiences. No complications with the birth itself, but I have had postpartum hemorrhage two times — with my first and my third. And so, for that reason, we're choosing to do a hospital birth, just so we won't have to deal with the transport if I end up needing Pitocin."

According to NPR, Pitocin is given to mothers after delivery "to help the uterus stop bleeding." However, Jessa explained that midwives are not allowed to use Pitocin in home births in Arkansas. The "Counting On" star said, "That's a little frustrating — I wish our midwives could do that."

In her YouTube chat, Jessa admitted to being a bit nervous about giving birth in a hospital because, after giving birth at home three times, Jessa cannot help but wonder if she will be "able to relax in that environment, will things be able to progress, or will my body be stressed and tensed up?"

But Jessa's made one decision about the hospital birth: "I'm probably just going to end up getting an epidural."