The Truth About Atiana De La Hoya's Relationship With Travis Barker

Travis Barker is no longer married to Atiana De La Hoya's mother, Shanna Moakler, but the two are still very close. In fact, the musician and his former stepdaughter, who is a model and artist, are so close that she went on a family vacation to Aspen with Barker and Kourtney Kardashian in 2021 and shared photos of the trip on her Instagram account.

Atiana is the daughter of Moakler and boxer Oscar De La Hoya. The former couple started dating in 1997, got engaged in 1998, and welcomed Atiana in March 1999. Her parents never walked down the aisle because Moakler "discovered Oscar was cheating on her," according to Hollywood Life. Barker, meanwhile, came into Atiana's life in 2004 when he married her mother. Barker and Moakler filed for divorce in 2006 but briefly got back together before finalizing their divorce in 2008. But they continued to live together until 2014 to be better parents to Atiana, along with their two kids, Alabama and Landon, per People.

Moakler has been critical of her ex's relationship with Kardashian, according to Screenrant, which reportedly caused a rift between her and her kids. Atiana and Alabama have chosen to hang out with Barker and Kardashian, per Screenrant, and they were seen doing Pilates with the reality TV star in her backyard, per Life & Style. Barker's children and his stepdaughter support his relationship with Kardashian — here's what else to know about his and Atiana's bond.

Atiana and her half-siblings are estranged from their mom

Travis Barker appears to be the primary parent in the lives of his kids with Shanna Moakler, Alabama and Landon. Landon wrote in a TikTok comment (via People) that "our mom has never been in our lives," while Alabama asked fans to "stop painting her out to be an amazing mom." Atiana De La Hoya also seems to be closer to Barker than she is to her mom. 

Additionally, Barker is close with Atiana's dad, Oscar De La Hoya, per this Instagram exchange. Barker captioned a shirtless photo, "Leave me alone." Oscar commented, "Damn bro your (sic) cute hahah love you bro," and Barker replied, "Ha ha love you too bro," via Life & Style

In 2021, as Us Weekly reported, Oscar responded on Instagram to someone asking, "How do you feel about Travis claiming he raised your daughter?" He replied, "I have nothing but respect for my man @travisbarker." Clearly, Travis Barker and Oscar De La Hoya are on good terms.

Atiana appears to have a close bond with both Travis and Kourtney

Atiana De La Hoya spends a lot of quality time with Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian. She accompanied her stepdad and Kardashian to Disneyland in 2021, per Radar. Atiana and Alabama seemed to have a great time with Kardashian in Aspen, too, per Atiana's Instagram photos. Furthermore, Atiana, along with Alabama and Kardashian's daughter Penelope, served as bridesmaids at Kardashian and Barker's wedding in Italy (via People). Atiana has obviously welcomed Kourtney into the family with open arms! This makes sense, given just how close she and Barker are.

In March 2020, Travis Barker shared a sweet tribute for Atiana's 21st birthday, writing in his Instagram caption, "I've helped raise you since you were 2 yrs old and you used to call me Slavis. You have grown into such a beautiful and talented woman. Love you to the moon and back!!!"

Clearly Travis Barker and his stepdaughter will always be close, even if his marriage to her mom didn't last.