The One Thing Project Runway's Michael Costello Wants From Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is having what people in the entertainment industry call a bad PR moment. Only that moment keeps getting extended. She's been accused of bullying a number of people, including Courtney Stodden and "Project Runway" alum Michael Costello.

Stodden, who is non-binary, accused Teigen of bullying them in 2011 and 2012 when she was in the spotlight for marrying Doug Hutchinson when they were 16 and he was 50, per the Daily Beast. According to Stodden, Teigen told them they should kill themselves, per the Daily Beast. Tiegen blocked Stodden on Twitter before she deleted her Twitter account.

Stodden isn't the only celebrity to feel the aftereffects of Teigen's bullying. "Project Runway" contestant Costello opened up about the bullying he received from Teigen in 2014. Teigen issued an apology for being an internet troll this week, but failed to mention Costello in the apology. Keep reading to find out the latest on Costello's claims.

Michael Costello says Chrissy Teigen drove him to consider suicide

Fashion designer Michael Costello appeared on "Project Runway" in 2010, per InStyle. He designed Beyonce's stunning white dress for the 2014 Grammy Awards. And he was relentlessly bullied by Chrissy Teigen that same year. On June 14, Costello opened up about the abuse from Teigen on his Instagram account. "For the past 7 years, I've lived with a deep, unhealed trauma," he wrote. "I wanted to kill myself and I still am traumatized, depressed, and have thoughts of suicide."

In 2014, a photoshopped social media post that appeared to come from Costello made the rounds on the internet and claimed he used the n-word. That led to Teigen going on a rampage against Costello, per TMZ. "When I reached out to Chrissy Teigen to communicate that I was the victim of a vindictive cyber slander and that everything she thought I was is not who I am, she told me that my career was over and that all my doors will be shut from there on."

Instagram proved the image was doctored, but Teigen persisted. Costello shared screenshots that Teigen messaged him, reading, "racist people like you deserve to suffer and die..."

Now Costello is inviting Teigen to contact him, saying, "I want to be clear — I do not wish ill on anyone. We are all works in progress and we deserve the opportunity to prove that we can do better. But progress takes time. We must show through actions that we have changed," per TMZ.