What Are The Rules On Too Hot To Handle?

Netflix's "Too Hot to Handle” joined the lexicon of reality TV dating shows last year. With a cast of attractive twenty-somethings — almost all of them decked out in revealing swimsuits and bottles of fake tan — "Too Hot to Handle" was instantly reminiscent of another show that began across the pond. Fans of "Love Island" immediately recognized the singles only, resort set-up of "Too Hot to Handle." Some even called the new show a blatant rip-off of the British dating show, according to Metro UK, but they must not have realized that there's a twist!

The ten single people on "Too Hot to Handle" are all alone together with nothing to do — without access to their cell phones — and the kicker of the show is that they can't have sex. From kissing to intercourse, they're not allowed to do anything, but there are exceptions, of course. For every rule broken, the entire group loses money out of the $100,000 winnings, reported The Wrap. But besides the overall rule on err — relations, what exactly are the rules on "Too Hot to Handle" anyway? With Season 2 of the show heading to Netflix this June, Read on to find out!

Intercourse costs the group $20,000

"Too Hot to Handle" definitely shocked audiences when the contestants on the show couldn't get up to the usual dating show shenanigans that are seen on "Love Island" and "The Bachelor." The running theme of the show is that there's no sex and that the contestants may find deeper connections, according to The Wrap. But here are some of the rules of the show, per Women's Health.

There's no kissing allowed. There's also no sex or sex acts. If those occur, then there's a monetary penalty that's deducted from the $100,000 winnings, but that money can be earned back with good behavior like no touching. "A simple kiss costs the group $3,000," while "intercourse costs $20,000," per The Wrap. Contestants might think to relieve the tension, but there's no "self-love" allowed either. Cell phones and all other devices are off-limits. But the caveat to the contact rule is that contestants can kiss if they show a genuine connection. But all rules and consequences come from Lana, the house mother.

The show's producers expected contestants to break the rules. "We wanted to make it acceptable to break the rules so that we would have a show, but we also didn't want to be too much about the money," producer Viki Kolar told The Wrap. Producer Jonno Richards went on to say, "we wanted to throw twists and turns ... The whole thing was kind of reactive to what was happening."