Meghan McCain Makes A Bold Claim On The View

Uh-oh, Meghan McCain is back on "The View," and folks are again making a big deal of it.

This time, the subject started out simply enough, introduced by Joy Behar: whether Olivia Rodrigo is stealing from Courtney Love's band Hole for her new promotional photos. Rodrigo is as hot as can be right now, with her new album "Sour" debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, and its enormous hit single "Drivers License" still getting frequent airplay. Rodrigo also announced a livestream of her "Sour Prom Concert Film," with accompanying photos that look slightly similar to the cover of Hole's 1994 album "Live Through This." Love called Rodrigo out on social media for "stealing an original idea," but there are several questions surrounding even that comment.

For one, it's unclear how angry or hurt Love is about it, since Rodrigo immediately tweeted (via Pop Crave) "love u and live through this sooooo much," to which Love replied, "you're welcome. My favorite florist is in Notting Hill, London!" Plus, Love's photographer Ellen von Unwerth told Another Magazine in 2019 (via Entertainment Weekly) that Love was inspired by Stephen King's classic story "Carrie" and its famous portrayal by Sissy Spacek. Some on Twitter called out Love for not giving King proper credit. Not to mention, artists take inspiration from each other All. The. Time.

And this is just scratching the surface of what it has to do with McCain. Keep reading to find out how "The View" ladies responded.

Meghan McCain feels she's been stolen from, too

So, given the necessary background information, here's how the women of "The View responded.

Joy Behar first turned to Sara Haines, who didn't blame Courtney Love for wanting to associate with Olivia Rodrigo to get back into the conversation. Then Sunny Hostin made a fairly big leap by turning it into a discussion of appropriation. She's absolutely correct that there's a centuries-old history of white artists stealing the work of Black artists and making huge bucks off of them without any credit, but that's not what's happening here. Then Ana Navarro rightly brought up the fact that both images seem to pay homage to Stephen King's 1976 movie "Carrie."

What bothered critics of Meghan McCain is that she made it all about herself. She first launched into how much she loves Love and Hole. "I am a child of the '90s; I used to wear baby-doll dresses ... so I think it's OK if Courtney Love wants to be angry," she said. Putting the nail in the coffin, she continued, "I get up in my feelings sometimes when my talking points are stolen."

No one on "The View" responded to that, but the internet was all over it. "MAGA Meg wants us to believe that people are stealing her terrible talking points," one Twitter user said. "The talking points they all repeat and pass to each other everyday because they all stay in line," another said. "Honey, no," Decider wrote. It almost makes us feel bad for McCain ... almost.