Who Is Vicki Gunvalson's Fiance, Steve Lodge?

"Real Housewives Of Orange County" OG Vicki Gunvalson has been largely out of the spotlight since leaving the Bravo show, but her profile is about to get bigger now that her soon to be husband, Steve Lodge is running against California governor Gavin Newsom in the upcoming runoff election. He said in a statement, via the California Globe, "California is completely broken, it is unrecognizable. Californians are suffering, our hopes and dreams have been dashed by career politicians like Gavin Newsom who have become the problem and not the solution. Together let us get government out of our lives, off our backs, and out of our wallets." 

His campaign spokesperson Randy Economy said in a statement, via the same outlet,  "We cannot and will not sit on the side lines in this movement to recall and remove Newsom as Governor of California. I have known Steve Chavez Lodge for more than 45 years, and the current field of announced candidates all lack the skills needed to fix our beloved California." 

So aside from being partnered up to a Bravo-leb, who is Lodge really? And does he stand a chance at challenging Newsom? Read on to find out. 

Steve Lodge has run for office before

Steve Chavez Lodge is a retired homicide detective with over 40 years in service with the Santa Ana Police Department, per the California Globe. The outlet reports that he also served in the United States Army, was a former Arctic Paratrooper and has also served as a police commissioner, city budget commissioner, and waste management commissioner. He also runs his own consulting company. The OC Weekly reports he ran several failed campaigns for the city council in Anaheim, California, including a bid in 2016.

Lodge faced multiple police brutality suits while on the force, though all charges ultimately got dropped, according to OC Weekly. "I'm proud of my career as a police officer, and during that career in a tough city, there were times I had to use strong force to take people into custody," Lodge told OC Weekly. "People sometimes sue. But I never used excessive force." In addition to those accusations, he had an order of protection — relating to a personal dispute — filed against him in 2012, Radar Online reported.

Despite it all, Vicki Gunvalson is happy with her beau. "[We] live together and live a very private romantic life," she told Us Weekly in 2020. She will surely be supporting her fiancé on the campaign trail and who knows? Maybe this time his political ambitions will finally be realized.