What Happened To Susan Smith's Ex-Husband?

The following article contains allegations of child abuse and domestic violence.

Susan Smith has been in jail for more than 20 years since being found guilty of killing her sons, per People, and her former husband David Smith (the kids' father) has moved on to build a new life. 

In October 1994, Susan took her two young sons for an evening ride in the car, according to the outlet. Later that night, she made a panicked call to authorities alleging a Black man had taken her boys Michael, 3, and Alex, 14 months. Before long, authorities placed their focus on Susan rather than a mysterious kidnapper. As People detailed, nine days after the boys went missing, Susan made a stunning confession. She acknowledged she'd intentionally rolled her car into a lake with the boys trapped inside because her "secret boyfriend" didn't want kids. She was found guilty of two counts of murder in 1995 and was sentenced to life in prison.

The marriage between Susan and David had been a rocky one, reported AP News. "Money became a big issue between me and Susan," David explained. They weren't on the same page regarding intimacy, he added, and at times things got physical. After she once said she wanted to move to her mother's home, David admitted, "Shamefully, I did grab Susan by her arms and ... dragged her out of the bed and out to the front porch. Didn't throw her down or anything, just let her down on the porch." David and Susan had filed for divorce in September 1994, detailed InTouch, and it was finalized in May 1995.

Where is David now?

David Smith did something he thought he'd never do

Seven years after losing his sons, David Smith told WYFF he worried about having more children. "There's no way I can make it [through] burying another child. This man is not strong enough to do that again," he explained. However, that changed after his daughter Savannah was born with then-partner Tiffany Moss. "I looked at her and she was looking at me and I promised I wouldn't be afraid to love her and take care of her and always protect her and be there for her," he recalled.

Tiffany and David married in 2003, detailed Go Upstate. Savannah wasn't planned, but, "I think God knew for me to have any more [children], it had to be by chance," David said. He added as soon as she arrived, he was "thrilled." David also has a son, Nicolas, who was born after Savannah, via a separate relationship. "I've said before, I admit to being a lousy husband, but I've always been a good father to my kids," David detailed. "I enjoy being a father very much. I mean there's no greater love in the world than loving a child," he added. During a chat with Oprah when Savannah was 8, David admitted it had "been a very long road" and he struggled immensely after his sons died. Despite those struggles, he declared, "I'm still here, I'm still making it every day." David has stayed away from the spotlight in recent years, seemingly preferring to live life with his new family privately.

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