The Real Reason Jinger Duggar Has Trouble Making Friends

Jinger Duggar admits that she has lived a joyous life, but that doesn't mean her famous life is easy all the time. In the July 1 episode of the "Dinner Party with Jeremy Fall" podcast, she opened up about one problem she continues to face that stems from childhood: making friends.

The former "19 Kids and Counting" star explained to host Jeremy that she was advised by her parents as a child to be mindful of how she described her experiences on and off camera to her friends because the opportunities she was given growing up are not universal. That, in turn, made Jinger very guarded around her friends. "I remember many times when I thought, 'Okay is this a friend that I can open up to and share stuff with?' ... and that is still something I am working through," she confessed.

Jinger then detailed the stress she feels about making friends as an adult. "They could have pure motives. They wanna be a friend with me because they wanna be a friend, but there's always something in the back of my mind that's like, 'Oh wait, wait, wait, wait, when did you come into my life? ... Why do you wanna know about my life?'" she shared. "And I can be more guarded than maybe I even should be with relationships because of that."

There is one thing in particular that made Jinger realize she needs to put herself out there in terms of friendship, though. Keep scrolling to learn more about her experiences making friends as an adult.

Jinger Duggar is building a new life in Los Angeles

Jinger Duggar reflected on the "Dinner Party with Jeremy Fall" podcast about not leaving home until she moved to Texas with husband Jeremy Vuolo (pictured above) in 2017 — and how living away from her family made her realize she needs to form new relationships.

"I lived with my friend circle for so long and so once I've moved out it's like, okay, well now I need to develop my own friendships and I can't just rely on even, you know, say that safety that you feel with your family," she said about the big life changes. "So I need to develop true, meaningful, deep relationships with other women in my life and that's something that I've been seeking to do here (in her current location of Los Angeles), and it's definitely something that I found challenging for me," she said.

Jinger then got emotional discussing her worry that people will never quite grasp her lifestyle. "I feel like, you know, it's hard sometimes when people don't understand your life," she said, fighting back tears. "It's something that I think is definitely overlooked when people think about fame or whatever," she added. On the bright side, Jinger has posted on social media with country musician Gabby Barrett and her husband Cade Foehner, so it looks like she has at least two friends that may relate to her life in the spotlight.