Is This The Next Time Meghan Markle Will Be In The UK?

Meghan Markle has not been back to the UK since she and Prince Harry left back in early 2020. The Duchess of Sussex did not attend Prince Philip's funeral back on April 17 because she was pregnant at the time and was not given clearance by her physician to make the trip across the pond, according to People magazine. Meghan was also unable to attend the unveiling of Princess Diana's statue on July 1 because she had just given birth to her daughter, Lilibet Diana, a few weeks earlier. However, as things settle down for Meghan and Harry at home, many are wondering if — and when — Meghan will travel back to London.

Back in February — before Philip died — there were reports that Harry wanted to be in the UK for both his grandparents' birthdays. A source told the Daily Mail that Meghan "would be welcome," but that it was unlikely that she would make the trip. At the time, sources said it was because Meghan didn't want to "overshadow" any given occasion. It seems more likely, however, that Meghan didn't want to travel during the pandemic because she was with child. Now that baby Lili is a month old, many are starting to wonder if Meghan will visit the UK with Harry — and with both of their kids, so that the queen can meet her newest great-grandchild. Keep reading to find out if Meghan is planning on a trip to London in the coming months.

Meghan Markle may travel to the UK in September

According to the Daily Mail, Prince Harry is expected back in the UK in September for another event honoring his late mother, Princess Diana. The report indicates that Meghan Markle could travel with her husband — and it's possible they could bring their children with them as well; by that time, Lilibet Diana will be about 3-months-old. Royal writer Daniela Elser believes that the possible upcoming trip will be a showdown between Meghan and her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. "Meghan's return to London could be cataclysmic both publicly and privately. The trip would mark her first time back on UK soil since she and Harry appeared on global TV screens and managed to do more damage to the monarchy than Oliver Cromwell could have ever dreamed," Elser wrote in a piece for

"The $180 million question here is, after the Sussexes' media tempest of 2021, just how will the royal family, and Kate especially, react when Meghan does return one day? Will old wounds be politely forgotten in the name of healing, or will it be Strathberry handbags at dawn for the two duchesses?" Elser added. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have not confirmed the rumored September travel plan, but there is no doubt that all eyes will be on them — and the royal family — if this does indeed happen.