Rachel Bilson Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Love Triangle On The O.C.

Summer and Seth stole our hearts on the Fox drama "The O.C.," but there might have been another person vying for Adam Brody's heart. On the July 6 episode of "Welcome to the OC, Bitches!" podcast, Rachel Bilson spilled the tea on some behind-the-scenes secrets while filming. 

As fans will remember, Bilson played Summer Roberts, who falls in love with Seth Cohen, a nerdy boy played by Brody. During the show's run from 2003 to 2007, the high school sweethearts' romance spilled over to real life. "We were so young; I don't think we really thought about it much," the "Heart of Dixie" alum told USA Today in April, reflecting on her offscreen relationship with Brody. "I know people always say, 'Don't date your costar,' but in that sense it was nice to go on this ride with someone experiencing it at the same time." 

The couple dated for three years before calling it quits ahead of the final season and managed to keep things cool for the sake of the show. "We did get married after we broke up on the show, so that's always fun...That was like the only scene left to shoot was the wedding," she recalled on Dax Shepard's "Armchair Expert" podcast in March. "You broke up? Let's give you a wedding!" But, looking back Bilson doesn't have any regrets and says she's "grateful" for her relationship, even if things took a turn on set when Samaire Armstrong, who played Anna Stern, joined the cast. Find out what happened. 

Rachel Bilson admits there was 'tension' with Samaire Armstrong

"The O.C." followed a group of high school kids as they navigate their teenage years, get in trouble, and fall in love. So of course, when new characters were introduced to the script, things got a little messy. Samaire Armstrong, who played Anna Stern, got involved with Adam Brody's character, Seth, while he was on a break from Summer. But as Rachel Bilson revealed during the latest episode of her "Welcome to the OC, Bitches!" podcast, there was a bit of a "triangle" in real life, too. 

While discussing an episode in Season 1 titled "The Homecoming," Bilson recalled one particular scene where Seth and Anna were kissing and she caught herself feeling some type of way. "When Seth is in the bedroom with Anna and she goes to kiss him, I see Samaire like slip tongue," she revealed. "I get transported back to 18 years ago and I get a little jealous," Bilson joked.  The "Life Happens" star recalled how feelings transferred offscreen and describes the time as a "real-life triangle."  "I feel like it definitely played out a little bit in real life for a minute," Bilson reiterated, "even though, not really, but I remember the tension with Samaire and I, like, a little bit."