Catherine Zeta-Jones Shows Off Her Looks Without Any Makeup

Catherine Zeta-Jones is one of Hollywood's biggest stars, but her looks sometimes attract more attention than her acting roles.

Her mother played a big role in her introduction to makeup and always allowed her to experiment with it as a child. "My mother never took out the garbage without having makeup on!," she told New Beauty in March. "My mother did allow me to wear makeup, and she encouraged it. I was allowed to play with it at home—she put makeup on me, I put makeup on her, and it's something we still do even now." Zeta-Jones added that her mother gave her a "healthy" view of beauty and showed her how much "fun" it is. If the actor is feeling sluggish, a bit of eye makeup and lipstick instantly improves her mood.

Zeta-Jones is back in the news, but this time, it's about an eyebrow-raising selfie. Keep reading for the scoop.

Catherine Zeta-Jones' latest Instagram photo is turning heads

We barely recognize you, Catherine Zeta-Jones! The actor snapped a bathroom selfie in her Majorca, Spain home (via the Daily Mail) with a simple "Hello..." as the caption. Her makeup-free face is much more captivating than her pink robe and fans are flooding the posts with comments.

One fan wrote, "Hello gorgeous!!!!" Another chimed in with, "So a natural beauty," and another fan penned, "So beautiful." Although Zeta-Jones is a celebrity, she enjoys a self-care Sunday like the rest of us to achieve her fresh-faced glow. "Every Sunday I do a face mask, I do my nails, I put a hot conditioning oil on my hair," she told The Telegraph (via Yahoo!) in May. "I have eczema so I have to be careful about over-perfumed stuff. I just do a very simple skincare – a facial wash, nothing drying, I like to exfoliate with an off-the-shelf scrub," she continued.

She's always been an "eye makeup girl," adding, "I literally don't put the bins out without mascara on or a bit of eyeliner, so that's where I started. I think my eyes are too small and I always want to accentuate them." Zeta-Jones says her confidence carries over to the red carpet and despite her "insecurities," she's become more "confident" about how she looks.