Madonna's Famous Impersonator Has Us Doing A Double Take

Over the span of more than four decades, Madonna has become not just the Queen of Pop, but also that of transformations. The icon has worked her way through quite a few different stylistic phases. From her curly blonde, Marilyn Monroe-evoking "Like A Virgin" stage, to the black-haired goth chic she rocked in the late 1990s, Madge is not shy of trying new trends. This is a pattern of hers that crossed over to her Instagram page in the era of social media. 

In April, she posted a series of head-turning selfies to her feed, all displaying a stunningly youthful look for the 62-year-old mother of six. Rocking a green robe and stylish black shades, Madonna's skin appeared wrinkle-free and smooth as porcelain, with fans wondering if the singer had used a filter or has had cosmetic surgery done. (After all, Madonna had somewhat of a Photoshop controversy earlier in March). Nonetheless, many fans were here for this particular new look, with one gushing, "Please tell me what you had done you look amazing!" 

Now, in July, the entertainer is making waves for another Instagram reveal. Read on to see why her latest post has people talking! 

Will the real Madonna please stand up?

On July 7, many of Madonna's followers on Instagram surely had to look twice to see if the person in her video was indeed Madge herself. Madonna shared a TikTok video from a famous impersonator of hers, "@_madonna_2.0," as the doppelgänger is called on the video-sharing platform, who dolled herself up into a carbon copy of Madonna's 2019 "Madame X" look. Wearing a 1920s black flapper wig, the impersonator rocked Madonna's pencil-thin eyebrows and razor-sharp cheekbones, as well as the bold, red lip the singer has been seen sporting for her 14th studio album's promotional materials (via the Daily Mail). She also sipped wine and smoked a cigarette, uber-diva style. 

Madonna captioned her impersonator's video with: "Wild is the World... Madame X coming In October on Paramount +," promoting the upcoming documentary based on her 2019 world tour that will premiere on the Paramount+ streaming platform. According to the Daily Mail, the Madame X tour, which kicked off in September 2019 and took Madonna from the U.S. to countries like France and Portugal, was overshadowed by the singer's persistent knee injury, as well as the coronavirus pandemic.

As for @Madonna_2.0, she was certainly flattered by the superstar's attention, writing excitedly on another TikTok, "So this happened today. Madonna used my video today to promote her upcoming documentary chronicling Madonna's Madame X Tour!!!" After all, it's not every day you get your TikTok shared to the world's biggest diva's Instagram feed!