The Real-Life Partners Of The Cast Of CSI: Miami

The cast of "CSI: Miami" entertained us on-screen for a decade. From 2002 until 2012, we watched the tropically-set, police procedural drama series not only for the action each storyline brought us, but also for learning more about the characters' home lives. Off-screen, the show's cast members have weathered their own journeys when it comes to marriage, dating, and divorce — and some of these actors' real-life love stories even have a happy ending, while others appeared to be picture-perfect fairy tales from afar, but were actually a little (or, a lot) more dramatic.

Rex Linn is counting his blessings with his country superstar girlfriend, but on the flip side, David Caruso hasn't had much luck in the dating and marriage department, as his relationships' tumultuous endings have often made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. But more on all of that and more below! With the promise of some happily-ever-after romances for your favorite CBS stars, let's take a look at the real-life partners of the "CSI: Miami" cast.

David Caruso's love life has been a rocky road

For 10 years, David Caruso played Horatio Caine on "CSI: Miami," who romanced Marisol Delko on the show. In real life, Caruso has been married and divorced three times to actors Cheri Maugans and Rachel Titcotin, as well as flight attendant Margaret Buckley. His last significant relationship was with his girlfriend of three years, Liza Marquez, but the couple separated in 2007 after welcoming baby No. 2 — and that's when things turned ugly.

Caruso reportedly filed a paternity suit, and Marquez hit back with her own lawsuit to seek "damages based upon allegations of fraud, intentional infliction of emotional distress, breach of contract and six additional charges," per Access. The allegations of "emotional and mental abuse" were brutal, but the actor appeared to remain focused on their children. "It now appears that Liza has decided to retaliate by raising false claims against David, which David finds unfortunate since these claims will divert the parties' and the court's attention away from the best interests of the children," his attorney said in a statement to the outlet.

While Caruso rarely talks about his personal life in interviews, he has since seemed to be taking a rest from romance.

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Emily Procter and her real-life partner have been making music for years

Emily Procter (a.k.a. "CSI: Miami's" Calleigh Duquesne) has never married, but she's been in a long-term relationship with Grammy-winning musician and record producer Paul Bryan since 2008. Don't be alarmed if you can't find a lot of photos of them together, as he likes to keep a low profile. But every once in a while, the former "CSI: Miami" star will share a grainy photo of her boyfriend jamming in their living room with notable singers and collaborators like Aimee Mann (who actually introduced them) and Susanna Hoffs.

On their first date, Procter let Bryan know right away that having children was a priority for her. "You should know that I'm thinking of having a family," she recalled to Parade in 2011. "His reaction was, 'That's awesome.'" It seems as though Bryan was a keeper from the start, and the duo had a child together during her run on "CSI: Miami." But her real-life pregnancy was not written into the show — which made for a pretty tricky ninth season. "That's true, they're not writing it in, I don't know why," Procter told E! during her pregnancy. "Except they said that maybe the audience would worry about Calleigh running around with her gun."

Daughter Pippa was born in 2010, and it was an emotional experience for the couple, who each had a different reaction to the birth. "I was laughing and very happy," Procter said to Parade. "And Paul was crying, which I think is sweet." It sounds like a match made in Hollywood heaven!

Eva LaRue is staying single... for now

After three high-profile marriages, Eva LaRue is keeping her options open. She was married to "Seinfeld" actor John O'Hurley for two years and then tied the knot with her "All My Children" co-star, John Callahan, who sadly died at age 66 in March 2020 (they divorced in 2005). Her third marriage was to Joe Cappuccio, but it was Callahan to whom she remained the closest, because he was the father of her only child, Kaya.

LaRue has publicly talked openly about her late ex-husband's legacy and the big "hole" he left in their family after he died of a stroke. "We are extremely sadden [sic] and distraught over the loss of John," LaRue said in a statement to People. "He was my great friend, co-parent and amazing father to Kaya. The absence of his bigger than life, gregarious personality will leave a hole in our hearts forever."

She got even more personal on her Instagram page with an emotional post about the man she referred to as her "'All My Children' soap stud," sharing that she loved his "big belly laugh, bear hugs, bad puns, ability to harmonize to any song, great kitchen table singing-fests, and two steppin bad a**!" And if you want to sob just a little bit more, LaRue and Kaya made sure to adopt Callahan's dog, Cali, after his death. "She was John's baby," LaRue revealed on Instagram. "And I know she'll be just what God ordered to help us heal and vice versa."

CSI: Miami star Adam Rodriguez is happily married

Adam Rodriguez, who played Eric Delko on "CSI: Miami," celebrated his fifth wedding anniversary to model Grace Gail in 2021. According to Brides, back in May 2016, the couple had an amazing ceremony in Tuscany, Italy, with A-list guests like Channing Tatum (and then-wife Jenna Dewan), who starred alongside the TV actor in "Magic Mike." One guest described the nuptials to People as "beautiful" because "there is love all around here." (Seriously, the romantic woodland setting looked like the perfect place for these two to exchange vows.)

Rodriguez and Gail's romance seems to have only blossomed since then. The "CSI: Miami" alum often shares loving photos of his wife on Instagram, including on Valentine's Day 2018, in which he described their relationship with a sweet caption. "The words will take me the rest of this life," he wrote. "The Love is for forever." (Cue a chorus of awws.)

These two have also grown their family over the last few years, with daughters Frankie Elle and Georgie Daye helping to welcome their little brother, Bridgemont Bernard, in March 2020. "Bridge and Grace are feeling great and his big sisters are in love," Rodriguez told People at the time. "And so am I, of course!"

Rex Linn is kicking back with Reba McEntire these days

Rex Linn — a.k.a. Frank Tripp on "CSI: Miami" — has never married, but that hasn't slowed down his love life at all. He even made headlines just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, because his girlfriend happens to be country superstar Reba McEntire. They've known each other for decades, but their Zoom dates during quarantine only helped make their relationship stronger. 

"It's good to have a person to talk to, laugh with, get into subjects about what's going on," McEntire, who's sold more than 56 million records and has dozens of No. 1 hits, said on her "Living & Learning" podcast (via Country Living). "Discussions about our past, our family, funny stories, him being an actor, me being an actress. And he's very into my music. I'm very into his career."

If you didn't think they could get any cuter, the couple revealed on Instagram that their nicknames for each other are "Tater Tot" (McEntire) and "Sugar Tot" (Linn). They made things red carpet official at the 2020 CMA Awards. The country music legend and sitcom star co-hosted the event, and told People she was "excited" to have her boyfriend by her side. And let's just say Linn is equally thrilled to have McEntire by his side. Just one look at his Instagram feed, and you can see that he's completely smitten with her — from calling her his "angel on the ground" to his "beautiful redhead," this celeb couple seems to be in it for the long haul (and we love to see it).

Eddie Cibrian's love life played out in the tabloids

Many people know all about Eddie Cibrian's ("CSI: Miami's" Jesse Cardoza) love life because it was splashed across every headline. His nine-year marriage to Brandi Glanville came to a halt in 2009, when it was reported he'd had an affair with his "Northern Lights" co-star, the also-married singer-actor LeAnn Rimes. Cibrian initially dismissed it as a "fabricated story" in a statement to E!. However, Rimes later alluded to the cheating allegations as a "difficult time" in her life on her website, and then confirmed the reports to People in 2010: "I take responsibility for everything I've done. I hate that people got hurt, but I don't regret the outcome."

Glanville soon became a cast member on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," meaning that this storyline dragged on for years. But perhaps the most amazing part of the story is that Cibrian and Rimes never wavered from their love and married in 2011. "We have gone through hell and back to be together and blend a family. Those sort of things are not easy. It takes a commitment," Rimes told OK! magazine. "We've gone to therapy to learn how to communicate better because we don't want to screw with the kids. It has made us better and our marriage stronger." 

Cibrian also doubled down on his commitment to Rimes in a 2017 birthday Instagram post. Calling the "How Do I Live" hitmaker his "beautiful and amazing wife," he added, "You continue to get more beautiful and bad ass every year! You are loved beyond words."

Brendan Fehr is surrounded by women in his life

A lot of fans are familiar with Brendan Fehr's high-profile relationship with his "Roswell" co-star and on-screen love interest, Majandra Delfino. The duo dated between 2001 and 2003 and were even briefly engaged, but it wasn't Delfino with whom he settled down. The former "CSI: Miami" star, who played Dan Cooper during the show's run, married Jennifer Rowley in 2006, and while not much is known about the actor's wife, these two are often seen mean muggin' on Instagram in some pretty hilarious snaps.

Whether it's putting together a chicken coop or comparing fake mustaches, it's pretty evident that they have a sweet but playful relationship. Fehr has also found himself in a house full of women, because he and Rowley share three daughters: James Olivia, Ellison Jane, and Ondine Carda Kitty. The family that he's created with his wife is something that means everything to Fehr. "I get to be these kids' 'Papa,'" the actor shared on Instagram in 2020. "Greatest gig in the world. Damn right #HappyFathersDay to me." It looks as though all four of the women in his life are just as lucky to have Fehr in theirs.

Wes Ramsey and Laura Wright are a real-life soap supercouple

Wes Ramsey (a.k.a. Dave Benton on "CSI: Miami") first met his girlfriend, actor Laura Wright, when they starred on "Guiding Light" together. But it took approximately 17 years and a Daytime Emmys party for them to finally go out on a date. Ramsey has described that night in great detail on Instagram, writing in part in 2021, "What seemed to the outside world as a coincidence of circumstance (running in to each other at a party after so many years) I knew instantly in that moment that my life as I knew it was shifting." Talk about a man in love!

At the time of this writing, the happy couple are working together again and prefer to keep the drama on-screen in their jobs at "General Hospital," because their off-screen life seems to be pure bliss. Wright has nabbed multiple Daytime Emmy nominations for her portrayal of Carly Corinthos on the popular soap opera, and won the trophy in 2011. Meanwhile, 2021 saw Ramsey and Wright celebrate their fourth anniversary. 

"I believe in the healing power of love & laughter, I believe in the importance of trust & acceptance. I'm thankful we share this life, aiming towards our best selves, believing in each other along the way," Ramsey gushed on Instagram. "Here's to my best friend, thank you for the fun & excitement of US & here's to still feeling like we're on that first date!" For her part, Wright posted that she was happy "this Handsome Fella asked for [her] number."

CSI: Miami's Christopher Redman is one lucky duck

Here's yet another "CSI: Miami" cute couple alert: Christopher Redman (Michael Travers) and his wife, "The Mighty Ducks" actor Marguerite Moreau. The couple, who has been married since 2010, had a fun start to their relationship with an impromptu road trip. In 2021, Redman gave fans a little inside scoop on how it all started on Instagram. "Vancouver, 16 years ago she had to drive back home to LA ...'Wanna join?'" he wrote alongside some sweet flashback photos of their trip.

Redman and Moreau, who share one child together, son Casper, later opened up about their personal life to Red Carpet Report in 2013, revealing how they helped pick out each other's outfits and how they "both started cooking together" at the beginning of their romance. And for Moreau, who's boasted a steady onscreen acting career since the early '90s, watching her husband become a parent has been a joy. "You are such a wonderful father," she wrote in celebration of Father's Day on Instagram in 2019. "I will follow you anywhere my love... eterna-ly."

The couple celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in May 2020, and it's something that Moreau looks back on fondly. "My Love! Here we are 10 years later," she wrote on Instagram. "Back then I thought I was an adult." For his part, Redman went on to share the same black-and-white image as his wife, and added, "10 Years. Making homes and bread and babies and art. Could you be more gorgeous @margueritemoreau? Onwards."