Jennifer Lopez's New Music Video Is Causing A Stir. Here's Why

Jennifer Lopez's 2021 was marked by an ending, in the form of her breakup with fiance Alex Rodriguez in April, and then a beginning, in her reunited romance with ex-fiance Ben Affleck. Her interview on July 5's episode of Apple Music 1's "The Zane Lowe Show" perhaps summarized it best, as Lopez revealed that she's having "the best time of my life" (via Entertainment Tonight). "I've really gotten to a place in my life where I'm great on my own. I think once you get to that place, then amazing things happen. Things that you never imagined in your life happening again," Lopez said in the interview. (Unfortunately, she didn't mention Affleck by name.)

Promoting her new single with Spanish singer Rauw Alejandro, "Cambia el Paso," Lopez spoke about the intertwining of art and life in her music. The singer — sidestepping specifics — shared that her song, which is all about "advancing" when one feels stuck, really "resonated right now." Lopez told host Zane Lowe that as an artist, she's inspired by "that kind of joy, that kind of happiness, that kind of love" she finds when she is "continually kind of evolving."

If "Cambia el Paso" is indeed a reference to moving on from A-Rod, then the music video will surely elicit a non-pleasant reaction from the former New York Yankee. Keep reading for why this move J. Lo did in her new video has people's tongues wagging. 

J.Lo flipped the bird in her new music video

The arguable queen of music videos, Jennifer Lopez has jaws dropping with the video for her July single "Cambia el Paso." Not only is there a muy caliente slow-mo shot of Lopez's famed derriere, but the singer is also shown, partly in the aesthetic choice of a grainy film filter, trying to ditch a Stage Five clinger of an ex (while wearing visible Dolce & Gabbana boxer shorts underneath denim hot pants and a bedazzled bra), finally turning around midway through and giving the man the finger. 

Could this enactment be a reference to real-life drama with her ex Alex Rodriguez? After all, we saw the plea the former pro-athlete made in an April Instagram Story, as reposted on Twitter, showing him filming what appears a J.Lo shrine to the tune of Coldplay's "Fix You" in the background. (Rodriguez even tagged Lopez in the story. Oof.)

Lopez has told Apple Music 1's "The Zane Lowe Show" of the meaning behind the Spanish-language song, "It is about change and it is about taking a step," per Entertainment Tonight. She continued, "I just advance, just take one step. It doesn't matter. Right. Left. Whatever. Take a step. When things don't feel right. When you need to change, 'Cambia el Paso,' that's it." After all, "Cambia el Paso" literally translates into "change the step." We await A-Rod's next cryptic Instagram offering.