Inappropriate Outfits Savannah Chrisley Has Been Caught Wearing

Savannah Chrisley makes pretty conservative wardrobe choices most of the time while still managing to look trendy and modern. However, the "Growing Up Chrisley" star occasionally wears outfits that raise a few eyebrows, especially those of her father, Todd Chrisley.

But when Savannah gets criticized for what she's wearing, the Atlanta native often has her daddy to blame for the negative fashion feedback. This is because the Chrisley family patriarch has often laid down the law about how he expects his daughter to dress on "Chrisley Knows Best." Looking good is a top priority for Todd, who revealed that his family spends at least $300,000 a year on clothing during a 2013 episode of the USA Network series. While this may seem like a dream budget for a fashionista like Savannah, there was a catch. As long as she was living under Todd's roof, he controlled the contents of her closet, as he said, "I approve every piece of clothing that our children wear."

Luckily for Todd, Savannah is a daddy's girl when it comes to her style. "I definitely get my fashion sense from my dad," she said in a 2014 behind-the-scenes video. However, this doesn't mean that she's never pushed the boundaries of what he finds acceptable, and some fans seem to share Todd's feelings about Savannah showing a lot of skin, believing that she should keep following his fashion rules no matter her age. These are some of the supposedly inappropriate outfits Savannah Chrisley has been caught wearing.

Savannah Chrisley's dad complained about the outfits she wore during a runway show

"Chrisley Knows Best" exists in part because fashion is so important to Todd Chrisley. During a 2014 appearance on "The Wendy Williams Show," he revealed that a producer was helping him work on a new business venture, a boutique clothing store in Atlanta called Chrisley & Co., when she told him that he needed his own TV series. The store temporarily served as a storyline on "Chrisley Knows Best," but the Chrisley family quit mentioning it after the first season (via LA Late News). However, the Chrisleys did incorporate fashion into the show in other ways.

One example is a runway show that Savannah Chrisley participated in during the first season. She was 16 years old at the time, and her father was not a fan of some of the pieces that she modeled. He later complained that they were "showing her a** and her boobs." The garments included a backless Tiffany blue gown and a beaded teal and black dress with a sweetheart-shaped cutout on the bust. Todd provided commentary from the crowd, deeming the latter "horrible." 

However, it was a semi-sheer dress covered with red floral lace that really seemed to concern him. "Oh my God. You could see everything that she had in that dress," Todd said to his son, Chase Chrisley. As for Savannah's mom, Julie Chrisley, she argued that Todd needed to "let her go a little bit." Can't say we disagree.

Todd Chrisley disapproved of this midriff-baring pageant dress

Savannah Chrisley competed in beauty pageants as a teenager, which possibly helped prepare her for her family's reality show. "Believe it or not, before pageants, I was pretty shy and I feel like I didn't really have much of a personality," she told NewBeauty in 2020. "But getting into pageants really helped me to kind of bring out who I was and get me out of that shy, awkward stage, so for that I'm so grateful." However, Savannah confessed that it was difficult being around competitors who were 18 when she was just 14, because she began comparing herself to "fully developed" women. Her father also had an issue with her wearing pageant dresses that looked more mature.

In a Season 2 episode of "Chrisley Knows Best," Todd Chrisley accompanied Savannah to a dress shop to help her pick out a pageant gown. He complained that she looked "like Tinkerbell" in a white lace mini dress, and a fuchsia mullet dress made him think of "a sorbet." But the look he really hated was a red two-piece ensemble with a lace crop top and a long mermaid skirt. 

"She's channeling her inner hooch," he claimed, while Savannah argued that she was "almost 17," but to no avail. Her father did like one dress, but it made her "feel like a big marshmallow." As Savannah complained, "If my dad had it his way, he would love for me look like a 16-year-old nun."

Fans were surprised when Savannah Chrisley was allowed to wear a bikini

In 2015, an 18-year-old Savannah Chrisley posted a photo on Instagram that was taken during the Miss Tennessee Teen USA pageant. It showed her posing on stage during the swimsuit competition, and some of her Instagram followers were surprised to see her rocking a bikini. Many of them even mentioned her father, Todd Chrisley, in the comments section. "How the hell did todd approve this," wrote one Instagrammer, while another message read, "Todd must have had a heart attack." A third commenter quipped that they "expected" Savannah's dad to "run out with a robe." Meanwhile, another person complained that pageants "are demeaning."

Despite the negative feedback, Savannah won the pageant, even though she suffered what she described as a "dress crisis." A few months later, she made it to the semi-finals while competing for the title of Miss Teen USA 2016. By then, the Miss Universe organization had decided to remove the swimsuit competition from the pageant (via USA Today). However, Savannah continued to make waves by sharing bikini pics on Instagram. 

In February 2020, she posed for a selfie while rocking a tie-dye two-piece. In response, one critic commented, "Liked when you dressed more Conservative." Others sided with Todd Chrisley when he suggested that his now-adult daughter was wearing far too little material. "Looks like you ran out of cash and couldn't afford the rest of the fabric for that suit, I hear they make amazing coverups, want me to send you a few?" he snarked in the comments.

The outfit that made Savannah Chrisley uncomfortable

Savannah Chrisley described her personal style to Women's Wear Daily in 2019 while speaking about her collaboration with the clothing label, Rampage. "I like to make a statement but at the same time, I like to keep it cozy and fun, and that's possible to do," she said. In a Season 1 episode of the spinoff series, "Growing Up Chrisley," she certainly made a statement in the edgy outfit that her friend, Daniel, had her wear for a desert photoshoot in Los Angeles. It consisted of a black leather bikini top, matching latex pants, and a silver jacket. 

"It's not me, really, but I told Daniel we would give it a try," she said. And, of course, Savannah's father was present to provide his feedback. "Daniel, I raised a lady, not a tramp," Todd Chrisley said when Daniel had Savannah remove her jacket. He also stated that his daughter "doesn't show her abs," and later declared that the photoshoot was over when Daniel suggested that Savannah should put on a pair of handcuffs. 

Unfortunately for Savannah, some viewers sided with Todd. "If you don't feel comfortable in it because it's not you, then don't be wearing it," wrote one YouTuber in response to a clip from the episode. Meanwhile, another comment read, "I am not a fan of this 'new version' of Savannah Chrisley. It's just forcing her to be seductive in skimpy clothing, when her beauty and kindness is what resonates with viewers. Not her abs."

Savannah Chrisley was strongly rebuked for wearing Daisy Dukes

At this point, it's no secret that Todd Chrisley has some strong opinions about Savannah Chrisley wearing clothing that he feels is too short or revealing. In fact, one of his colorful Toddisms is "class not a**," which he used when his daughter was wearing a dress with a hemline that he didn't approve of. 

However, when Savannah was a teenager, she devised an ingenious way to get him to buy her outfits that he wouldn't normally be okay with during one of their daddy-daughter shopping trips. First, she grabbed something that she knew he would nix. She then placed something else underneath it that still showed "a little bit" of skin, making it look better to Todd by comparison.

But while Savannah's dad can be manipulated into being slightly less prudish, Instagram users are another story. In 2020, she posted a photo of herself rocking a white tank top and Daisy Dukes, and, well, all hell broke loose. "Cover up. Your body is a temple. Not for all the world to see. Try praying to God," read one response to her post. Another netizen deemed the pic "extremely inappropriate." The same photo received more negative feedback when Savannah reposted it a few months later. "Don't become a Kardashian Your a nice Christian girl," one person commented. However, Savannah probably wouldn't consider this much of an insult — she once told OK! magazine that she's a fan of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

How fans reacted to Savannah Chrisley wearing her Nanny's panties

In a Season 8 episode of "Chrisley Knows Best," Julie Chrisley discovered a pair of white underwear in her laundry basket and asked Savannah and Chase Chrisley if they knew who they belonged to. She guessed that their owner was likely Todd Chrisley's mother, Nanny Faye Chrisley. Chase held them up and teased Savannah by asking her if they were hers, and she tried to grab the undergarments from him. After he threw them at her, she started putting them on using just one leg hole. This made them resemble a tight mini skirt when she pulled them up. "Look, I can put both legs in one," she quipped. "So no, these are definitely not mine."

In response to a YouTube clip of the scene, one viewer opined that the Chrisleys' behavior "was disrespectful to Nanny." Another called Savannah out for seemingly "making fun" of the size of Nanny's underwear after she had complained about people commenting on her weight. "Why would you want to expose Nanny's underwear like that, it's personal and she needs her respect and privacy," read a third remark. "What if she exposed one of their undergarments and tried them on so tv viewers can see. It was wrong and degrading and as a lover of Nanny Faye, I'm disgusted." 

Hopefully, Nanny has developed a thick skin after living with a son who once told his teen daughter that she looked like "Stripperella."

Savannah Chrisley got shamed over a missing accessory

When Savannah Chrisley posted a photo of herself and a group of friends on Instagram in October 2020, it was what she and the other four people pictured weren't wearing that became a hot topic in the comments section. Savannah was dressed in an aqua bikini top and tie-dye pants, and she was all smiles as she put her arms around two pals. However, some critics were concerned about being able to see her pearly whites in the indoor selfie taken amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"Where are your masks? what message are you sending to others?" asked one Instagrammer. "Please set an example and wear masks," another person pleaded. It's perhaps worth noting that Savannah shared the photo a few months after her father, Todd Chrisley, contracted the coronavirus. During an April 2020 episode of his "Chrisley Confessions" podcast, he revealed that he spent "four-and-half days" in the hospital during his three-week battle with the virus. "It has been the sickest that I have ever been in the 52 years that I have been on this earth," he said. 

That same month, Savannah shared an emotional Instagram post about her father's diagnosis, begging her fans to do their part to keep themselves and others safe by staying home and practicing social distancing. She didn't mention masks, but the CDC had just recommended that Americans start wearing masks in public a few days earlier (via NBC News).

The religious accessory that had Savannah Chrisley's fans worried

A few celebrities have worn inverted cross symbols over the years. Lady Gaga rocks a latex costume with one emblazoned above the crotch in her "Alejandro" music video, and the symbol adorns the pull-tab on the tongue of Lil Nas X's "Satan Shoes." However, Savannah Chrisley's Instagram followers were shocked when they saw her sporting it in a video promoting her Sassy by Savannah cosmetics line in June 2021.

Savannah had on a dark blue blazer with white piping and a deep V-neck that showed off her bejeweled lariat necklace. Some fans observed that the piece of jewelry appeared to include an inverted cross, and they took to the comments section to ask her why she was wearing it. "Whats with the upside down cross thought you guys were religious?" wrote one Instagrammer. Another advised her to "check the meaning" of the symbol. In Catholicism, the inverted cross symbolizes the belief that St. Peter was crucified upside down (via Catholic Answers). However, some people also associate it with Satanism.

In response to her concerned fans, Savannah reassured them that her necklace didn't have any sort of a nefarious meaning, writing in the comments that the "jeweler messed up" and that she was having the piece fixed. "We are VERY religious! Wouldn't be here today without our Lord and Savior!" she remarked. In fact, Savannah's faith is so important to her that she decided to call the HSN clothing collection that she launched in 2017 Faith Over Fear (via People).

Savannah Chrisley shocked fans with her ACM Awards dress choice

At the 2016 ACM Awards, Savannah Chrisley walked the red carpet in a revealing dress from Diana Couture. The gown was semi-sheer with feather-like ivory appliques on the bodice, hips, and crotch. A few months after the event, Savannah spoke to People about how she feels about showing a lot of skin. "I want to be able to be a positive role model to girls and show them that you can look cute and you can look fashionable, while also being covered. You can risk things at times, but sometimes girls go a little overboard," she said. 

However, some of her Instagram followers seemed to think that she went overboard with her ACM Awards dress. In response to one of Savannah's photos of the look, some Instagrammers expressed surprise that Todd Chrisley was okay with her fashion choice. "Such a beautiful girl stooping awfully low for celebrity," wrote one critic. "I am also very disappointed in her father for not guiding her away from showing so much." 

There were also concerns about Savannah potentially suffering a wardrobe malfunction. "You're one bad move away from flashing your vagina," remarked another commenter. Meanwhile, others took issue with the fit of the dress, with one person suggesting that it looked like Savannah was "wearing a diaper." Another critique read, "It's a beautiful dress, but the way it shapes her private parts is not very flattering and totally nothing I ever pictured her wearing."

Did Savannah Chrisley suffer a wardrobe malfunction?

In 2017, Savannah Chrisley appeared on "E!'s Countdown to the Red Carpet: The 2017 Academy Awards" with her dad, Todd Chrisley. She dominated a game of "What the Bleep" by demonstrating her impressive pop culture knowledge, and she dazzled in a dress designed by Yousef Al Jasmi. The gown featured a low back, deep neckline, and swirls of intricate black beading. Because it was constructed out of sheer nude fabric, some of Savannah's Instagram followers were convinced that she suffered a nip slip. 

"I can literally see your nipple. Why wear this when you can wear something with more coverage and still be beautiful?" wrote one critic in response to a close-up photo of the dress. Another person questioned whether Savannah knew exactly what she was doing, writing, "Hope it wasn't on purpose for publicity ugh."

One Instagrammer suggested that what everyone was seeing was actually just a stick-on nipple cover, but regardless of what was going on with the wardrobe malfunction, many of Savannah's followers were certain that her daddy would disapprove of her dress. Some also expressed disappointment in Savannah's choice of evening attire, and she was called out for supposedly being a hypocrite after sharing a post saying that women should avoid wearing clothes "that leave little to the imagination." One commenter remarked, "Way to be modest. Thanks for setting a poor example for young girls everywhere! Very disappointing."

The dress that was a teaching moment for Savannah Chrisley

When she was a presenter at the 2017 ACM Awards, Savannah Chrisley made quite an impression in a black Bao Tranchi gown with sheer panels. It showed off a lot more cleavage than her fans were used to seeing, and the backlash to the look was apparently so intense that she turned off the comments after she shared a photo of it on Instagram. "Why didn't she go naked? She is almost there!" wrote one Twitter critic of the gown. Another tweet read, "Did not think dress was appropriate. No reason to show everything." 

As for Todd Chrisley, he warned Savannah that she "better hope nothing pops out" during a red carpet interview with E!. But Savannah later defended her look while speaking to People. She revealed that she was aware that some fans thought she had dressed too provocatively and admitted that her father didn't want her "showing all of that." However, she didn't regret wearing the gown. "I just had to do a couple of things to let people know that I am a woman now. I'm no longer a little girl," Savannah explained. That being said, the reality TV starlet promised that she would "take the feedback" to heart, and said that she had already started embracing a more modest style of dressing up for events. 

"That's going to be the look that I gear more towards — a very clean, classy look. You live and learn," Savannah remarked.

Savannah Chrisley overdressed for a hot day

Savannah Chrisley's commitment to fitness is evident on her Instagram page. In two video clips shared in 2020, she showed off her boxing skills while rocking leggings and a Nike sports bra. In her caption, she revealed that she used to be "FIXATED on working out" due to body image issues, but developed a healthier relationship with exercise when she got older. However, Savannah did make a risky workout move in June 2021, when she went for a five-mile walk. According to the star herself, the temperature outside was a sweltering 95 degrees. As reported by TV Shows Ace, she shared a video on her Instagram Stories that was filmed during her trek, in which she revealed that she was wearing a weight vest that weighed over 20 pounds — so she certainly wasn't dressed to beat the heat.

Savannah's fans might not always agree with her style decisions, but she's come a long way since her early days on TV. In 2020, she accused designer Michael Costello of previously refusing to dress her for a 2015 NBC event, because she "just wasn't famous enough for him" at the time. But by 2019, she had used her growing celebrity to land a gig as the creative director of the apparel brand, Rampage. 

During a WWD interview, Savannah Chrisley explained why style is so important to her. "In this day and age, being fashion forward is a huge deal, especially with social media," she stated. "I want clothes that make me feel good."