Inside Catt Sadler's COVID Diagnosis After Being Fully Vaccinated

Catt Sadler is warning people to take "extra precaution," as she's proof the pandemic is "very much NOT over." Despite being fully vaccinated, the entertainment reporter revealed she tested positive for the highly transmissible delta variant of COVID-19. This mutation is now considered the most dominant and harmful strain going around the U.S. As Sadler revealed to her Instagram followers on July 13, her case is "relentless and highly contagious and grabbed ahold of me even after getting vaccinated."

Although she is a rare example of contracting the virus after receiving the vaccine, the Centers for Disease Control reports there will still be a small percentage of fully vaccinated people who get infected, are hospitalized, or die as a result. These sparse cases, called breakthrough infections, are "expected," according to the CDC, although research shows the vaccine may make the illness less severe.

The E! broadcaster explained she came into contact with the virus as she was caring for someone unvaccinated, who she originally thought was sick with the flu. While she wore a mask and took all the proper precautions, Sadler "assumed" she'd be fine, but soon realized she wasn't. "I'm one of many breakthrough cases that we are seeing more of each and every day. They said 'you shouldn't have severe symptoms at least' – well, mine are not mild." Keep reading to find out more about Sadler's situation.

What symptoms does Catt Sadler have?

Catt Sadler is warning the nation to keep "wearing a mask" as she pleas "the vaccine isn't [fool] proof." After contracting the delta variant of COVID-19, despite being fully vaccinated, Sadler is warning her followers to "continue to protect" themselves as "vaccines lessen the likelihood of hospitalization and death but you can still catch this thing." 

Although she thought she'd be fully protected, her symptoms prove otherwise. The TV personality shared on Instagram that she's been home in bed fighting "two days of a fever now. Head throbbing. Extreme congestion. Even some weird puss coming out of my eye." It doesn't stop there with the entertainment reporter claiming she has "serious fatigue; no energy to even leave the bed."

Sadler assured people who aren't vaccinated and walk around mask-less that they "don't want to feel like this and not only are you bound to get sick eventually you'll be spreading it to others," as she got infected from someone who wasn't vaccinated. And to those who are fully vaccinated and believe they are in the clear, she has a message for them too: "don't let your guard down." She added, "If you're in crowds or indoors in public I highly recommend taking the extra precaution of wearing a mask." Sadler's case serves as a reminder to still be as safe as possible.