Eboni K. Williams Speaks Out About Cancel Culture

Eboni K. Williams has something to say about cancel culture. On the July 14 episode of the "Kam & Kary Do Dallas" podcast, she opened up about handling "difficult conversations" as race continues to be a prominent conversation across America and a growing one on reality television.

"I'm talking specifically, frankly, right now to white people," Eboni began. "I want white people to give themselves permission to f**k up sometimes knowing that if your heart is pure in its intention ... and you really do want to show up in broader humanity to your fellow Americans, right, all you gotta do is try," she explained. "And also give enough grace and credit to people of color that we are not all motivated around cancellation. I know for sure that is not my thing," she said. She added that if society keeps cancelling people, "everyone is going to be cancelled."

Eboni is the first Black housewife to join "The Real Housewives of New York" and has been vocal about racism and bringing her experiences as a Black woman in America to the table. She got into a heated debate with co-star Ramona Singer in a June episode of the show because Ramona wasn't understanding why Eboni was worried about bringing up race-related issues, as detailed by Page Six.

So, if Eboni isn't down to cancel anyone, how does she expect to teach people about race? Keep reading to find out.

Eboni K. Williams says cancelling people is not the best way to teach

Eboni K. Williams thinks people need to be taught about race issues in America, but she doesn't believe someone needs to be cancelled to do so.

"It's more so for me around not giving anybody a pass," she explained on theĀ "Kam & Kary Do Dallas" podcast. "Y'all know I like to hold people accountable and I like to be held accountable, right? It's being open to the question [about race-related issues]," she continued. "I'm gonna answer anything and also hopefully people ask."

At the end of the day, Eboni knows not everyone is going to ask about race issues or respond to the topic perfectly, but says it's a matter of intention and openness to growth. "There is no avoiding it. Sometimes you just gotta step in it. It's like dog s**t, right? At some point, you live long enough, you're gonna step in some s**t. We've all done it around some topic," she said.

Eboni's comments come as reports circulate that "The Real Housewives of New York" is suffering with its viewership. Some are blaming the constant conversations about race, but Eboni told TMZ on July 15 that she doesn't believe her remarks about race are what's causing ratings to fall. Instead, she reportedly said that the producers are the ones to blame, since they choose what will make the final cut.