Who Is Xavier Prather From Big Brother?

Season 23 of "Big Brother" is in full swing and this time there are no returning houseguests, oh, and the new group will be competing for a massive $750,000 prize, according to Parade.

This season apparently got an exciting overhaul, much to the delight of viewers. The live premiere featured every move-in group competing in their own competition with winners crowned as "team captain." Those four captains had to watch "pre=season videos" to help them create their own four-person teams and they would later battle it out to become the first Head of Household. The Wildcard Competition is another new twist that involves "non-immune" teams nominating a houseguest to compete. Once those three contestants compete, the winner has the power to choose who is immune for the week. Should they take immunity, the team, house, or themselves will receive a punishment. We're on the edge of our seats just thinking about it!

There are plenty of new faces this season – keep reading for more details on houseguest Xavier Prather.

Xavier Prather is an attorney

Xavier Prather currently lives in Milwaukee, Wis., and describes himself as "personable, confident and fun-loving," per his CBS bio.

He seems excited to join the Season 23 "Big Brother" cast, saying he "[wants] to see the design of the house up close and see what random guests (especially Zingbot) will show up throughout my time in the house." Not being able to talk to his mom will be the most difficult for him, not to mention living with 15 other people. "I do enjoy being around people, I will definitely need some alone time to recharge," he noted.

 When it comes to his strategy for winning this season, it looks like he has it all figured out. "From a competition standpoint, only win when I have to. Socially, make genuine connections and friendships with each of the Houseguests. Reiterate that we are playing a game and avoid bringing personal matters into game decisions," he said. Xavier added that he will "adapt to the twists of the game." It's clear he has his game face on!

When he's not practicing law, Xavier models and soaks up the sun by the pool. He also spends time with family and never misses a moment to reminisce on his college basketball days. We can't wait to see what this season has in store for Xavier!