Who Is Derek Frazier From Big Brother?

Forget Fourth of July weekend; the most exciting aspect of the summer is arguably that "Big Brother" is returning to TV. And it promises just as many fireworks on and off-screen, too. For those who haven't tuned in, "Big Brother" is an exceptionally long-running reality show that follows a group of people trapped in a house outfitted with state-of-the-art cameras and microphones. The recording material runs for 24 hours a day. Every week, the contestants vote one member of the house out. So, you might be wondering, what is the appeal of being stuck in a house with a bunch of strangers strategically trying to undermine you? Well, the answer is actually pretty simple.

If you're lucky enough to be the last man (or woman) standing at the end of the allotted time, you walk away with $500,000 (well actually, $750,000 this season). As you can imagine, landing a spot on "Big Brother" isn't easy. First, you have to be "TV-ready," which means many contestants are already minor celebrities in their own rights.

For Season 23, all eyes are on Derek Frazier, one of the more well-known competitors in the "Big Brother" house. So, before you tune in, here's everything you need to know about the buzzy series star.

Derek Frazier has a famous dad

Derek Frazier's motive in joining the cast of "Big Brother" seemingly had everything to do with money and very little to do with fame. When asked by CBS what made him the most excited about being part of "Big Brother," Derek answered, "Getting the opportunity to win prizes and a half million dollars." Fair enough.

It's likely celebrity doesn't interest Derek as much as it might some of his fellow contestants because he grew up in the spotlight — well, spotlight adjacent. Derek's father is the famed boxer Smokin' Joe Frazier. Joe is best known for his rivalry with Muhammed Ali. According to the New York Times, Joe "detested" Ali. He beat Ali in a 15-round fight at Madison Square Garden in 1971 but lost to him two other times. "Down goes Frazier;" ring any bells?

Joe died in 2011, but Derek is still keeping his father's memory alive with his love of athletics (and a sweet tattoo, via Instagram). Though he's never won a major title, Derek enjoys boxing in a ring — just like his dad. These days, Derek's favorite activities are Crossfit and hitting the gym, where he claims he can deadlift 500 lbs, per CBS. We're sure his dad would be proud!