Who Is Hannah Chaddha From Big Brother?

"Big Brother" always delivers when it comes to drama and some good competition and Season 23 is no different. The show gathers a group of constants from a variety of demographics to live together while cut off from the outside world as they compete to be the last "HouseGuest" standing. After surviving a variety of challenges and escaping elimination by their housemates, the finalist will receive the grand prize of $750,000, which is the most prize money the show has ever seen with a $250,000 increase from previous seasons, per Entertainment Tonight.

With the ante upped for Season 23, the contestants are bringing their a-game. "I can't WAIT to play the game and eat, sleep, breathe 'Big Brother' for the summer," contestant Hannah Chaddha told CBS in her "Big Brother" biography. "I'm excited for the whole 'Big Brother' experience, even being on slop, taking cold showers, and sleeping in the Have-Not room," she continued. "It's been my dream to backstab and blindside the other Houseguests all the way to the end."

With Hannah's eye on the prize, she's not letting anything get in the way of her taking home the gold. Keep scrolling for more details about the "Big Brother" star.

Hannah Chaddha is one fierce competitor

Hannah Chaddha definitely has the brains to smoke the competition on this season of "Big Brother." In fact, the 21-year-old graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with an Honors degree in Latin when she was only 19, according to The Cinemaholic. She then continued onto graduate school and now studies at The Bioethics Institute of Loyola Marymount. Plus, the hard-working student has won a variety of academic achievement awards throughout her college career.

However, Hannah has no intention of sharing her smarts with her fellow competitors. "I plan on lying about my occupation and career aspirations because I don't want the other Houseguests to overestimate my intelligence right off the bat," Hannah's CBS biography reads. But while she may be keeping her skills to herself, she is definitely using her knowledge to her advantage.

"I'm not afraid to play hard, get messy, and bathe in people's blood, but doing it in such a tactful way that the other Houseguests don't realize what's happening," she said, explaining her game-plan for victory. "I don't have to be everyone's best friend nor do I want to be, but I fully intend on learning about everyone's strengths and weaknesses," she shared. "I won't have a problem exploiting their weaknesses for my benefit and aligning myself with those whose strengths can compensate for my own shortcomings." 

It sounds like Hannah will be using her book smarts as she competes for the big bucks.