Where Are Emma And Bennett From Sexy Beasts Today?

If you asked us to explain how Netflix's new dating show "Sexy Beasts," in which contestants dress in elaborate prosthetic masks to hide their true appearance, came to be — we couldn't tell you. The best we can do is try to shed a little light on what happened to the "beasts" after the cameras stopped rolling.

The first episode of the show features Emma, a model from New York dressed as some sort of demonic creature, and her three suitors: Bennett, Archie, and Adam. After a few rounds of dates, Emma dismisses Adam, then Archie, leaving her with Bennett, a former pro volleyball player from San Diego who is a "boob guy." After the speed date round, Bennett said he felt like there was "definitely a match" between them, and they vibed enough on their carnival date to share a smooch (masks notwithstanding). "There was this electric kind of chemistry," Emma said.

But did it last? Keep reading to find out!

Emma and Bennett from Sexy Beasts may not be made for each other

We don't want you to lose faith in love or anything, but we have to tell you it doesn't look like Emma and Bennett's relationship progressed much past their time on "Sexy Beasts." For as much as we dug through Emma's Instagram, we couldn't find any sign of Bennett there. However, we are happy to report that at least it looks like she's killing it in her modeling career. She appears to have a deal with the high-end skincare brand Korres, among others, and she spends a lot of time on rooftops and at the beach.

Unfortunately, there's even less to learn from Bennett's Instagram, which is set to private. All we can really tell is that it looks like he still lives in California and, from the YouTube link he included, he guest-starred on an influencer's vlog one time.

The Cinemaholic also reported on July 21 that Emma confirmed she was single in a YouTube video. It's a shame these two weren't a match made in, er, heaven, but we haven't lost faith in true love just yet.