Where Are James And Alexis From Sexy Beasts Today?

When you think you've seen all the different dating shows on television, Netflix comes out with another concept that gets viewers going ... wild. "Sexy Beasts" premiered on July 21 and the show is as weird as it sounds. Per Netflix's show description, "Sexy Beasts" is a dating reality series where singles ditch superficial dating and form romantic connections based on their personalities. As such, the singles go on dates with their respective partners while wearing prosthetics and masks made to look like animals. If you've ever wondered what it's like to see a wolf date a devil, then Netflix has got you covered!

While the reality show may seem strange, viewers are more interested to see whether the relationships made on the show actually last after contestants show their real faces, as with the pairing of James and Alexis from Episode 2. If you're just growling with rabid curiosity, keep scrolling to find out where their relationship stands after the show and if they're still together.

James and Alexis are focusing on their careers

In episode 2 of "Sexy Beasts," viewers were introduced to James — a Californian lab technician — who dressed up as a beaver to find his potential girlfriend. James wanted options because he's at an age where he wants to "fall in love," per The Cinemaholic, and was set up on three blind dates with Amber, Alexis, and Tamiko.

Although James admitted he's "an a** man," (and to that we say, why be so dam crass, James?) he was immediately taken by Alexis' charm and personality, despite the fact that she was disguised as a leopard. At the end of their second date, Alexis gave James a "beaver kiss," which won him over and made him choose her as his "beast." However, it seems like their animalistic chemistry fizzled after the show ended.

According to Decider, James and Alexis still follow each other on Instagram but are not romantically involved. Based on Alexis' feed though, it seems like she is in a relationship with someone else in New York, where she's currently studying law, while James is doing stunt training in Los Angeles, Calif. Maybe beavers and leopards aren't mean to be after all.