The Truth About Kimberly Guilfoyle And The View

Since Meghan McCain has announced that she's leaving her position as co-host on "The View," ABC is going to have to hire someone to replace her — and there are rumors that that person could be Donald Trump Jr.'s longtime girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Guilfoyle is, of course, no stranger to life as a talking head. Before becoming a senior advisor to the Trump campaign, she was a Fox News host. And she's no stranger to "The View," either. In case you've forgotten, she and Trump Jr. dominated headlines when they appeared on the show in 2019 to promote Trump Jr.'s book "Triggered." But they quickly wound up in the hot seat, facing what The Washington Post called a "barrage" of questions from the hosts on various political topics and controversial choices Trump Jr. and his family have made.

Considering all of that, it could make sense for Guilfoyle to replace McCain as the show's conservative voice — though we're not sure her co-hosts would agree. So, what's the truth here? Scroll on.

Kimberly Guilfoyle does have experience

It appears that the rumors saying Kimberly Guilfoyle is on the shortlist to replace Meghan McCain on "The View" aren't coming entirely out of left field. An unnamed source told the Daily Mail that ABC is "scrambling" to replace McCain with a "Trump Republican" in order to reach more of the available audience at home. This insider also said that the network had asked Guilfoyle to join the show multiple times in the past.

"[Kimberly] would be great as she would literally prosecute the other members of the panel every day of the week," the source elaborated. That doesn't necessarily mean Guilfoyle has gotten a call now, however. Especially since the insider also said that Joy Behar, famous for her spars with McCain, is not happy with the possibility of a co-host even farther right than McCain was. "Joy Behar is openly moaning about Meghan leaving as it's finally hit her that sometimes it is better the devil you know," the insider added.

However, a different source told Page Six that producers aren't in a rush to replace McCain and are "taking time to find the right person to fill the seat." Could that be Guilfoyle? We suppose we'll all just have to wait and see.