Who Is Princess Diana's Niece, Kitty Spencer Married To?

Lady Kitty Spencer tied the knot in Frascati, Italy on July 24, and her wedding was an opulent affair befitting a bride with royal connections. The blonde aristocrat is Princess Diana's niece and the first cousin of Prince Harry and Prince William. Her father is Diana's younger brother, Charles Spencer, and her mother is former model Victoria Aitken.

According to Hello!, the father of the bride did not walk Kitty down the aisle, possibly because he was suffering from a painful shoulder injury that would have made traveling to Italy too difficult. Luckily, Kitty's brothers, Louis Spencer and Samuel Aitken, made sure she didn't have to make the trek to the altar alone. Her sisters — Lara, Amelia, and Eliza Spencer — were also in attendance.

Kitty is a model who first appeared on the cover of Harper's Bazaar UK with her mother when she was just a baby (via The Independent). She would later walk in shows for Dolce & Gabbana, and the Italian fashion house designed her wedding gown. Her Victorian-inspired lace dress had a dramatically long veil, fitted bodice and sleeves, buttons down the front, and a high neck. Since fashion is such an important part of Kitty's life, it should come as no surprise that her husband has ties to the industry. 

Kitty Spencer's husband has a high net worth

The man who awaited Kitty Spencer at the altar was fashion mogul Michael Lewis. Her 62-year-old husband might be 32 years her senior, but the newlyweds have a few things in common. According to Hello!, he owns a mansion in London and a home in Cape Town, so he divides his time between the United Kingdom and South Africa, just like his new wife. Lewis is also no stranger to enjoying the finer things in life, thanks to a net worth that's estimated to be over $110 million. Since 2015, Lewis has served as the chairman of the Foschini Group, a retail clothing group that his dad acquired a stake in decades ago. According to IOL, some of Lewis' wealth was going to the Conservative Party in the UK as of 2006.

Lewis is Jewish, and Spencer reportedly made a major move to prove her commitment to her then-fiancé by converting to Judaism in 2020 (via The Sunday Times). Her life changed in another big way when she married Lewis: She became a stepmother to the three adult children he shares with his ex-wife Leola, whom he wed five years before Spencer was born. If she gets her wish, Lewis might become a father again as a sexagenarian. "I just want a happy family," she told Harper's Bazaar in 2019, "and I want to be married with children."